Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Swastika Spaghetti

http://www.loaded.co.uk/ [accessed 8 April 2008]

Loaded [UK]

Heinz - An Apology

In the May 2008 edition of Loaded, we published an article on page 32 called 'Pointless But True' in which we alleged that between 1937 and 1945, Heinz produced a version of Alphabetti Spaghetti especially for the German market that consisted solely of tiny pasta shaped as swastikas.

In fact, we now accept that Heinz has never produced Swastika shaped spaghetti nor did it support the Nazi regime in any other way. Indeed, we accept that Heinz was a major contributor to the Allies' war efforts, producing rations for the troops. We apologise unreservedly to Heinz and to anyone who was offended by the article, which we admit was false and irresponsible.


Wigan Evening Post [UK]
8 April 2008

Swastika spaghetti apology

A lads' mag has had to apologise after wrongly claiming that Wigan-based Heinz used to make special swastika spaghetti for Germans during the war. [...]