Friday, April 25, 2008

BNP Claims Challenged

Western Mail [Wales]
25 April 2008

Call for BNP candidate to stand down

by Matt Withers, Western Mail

CAMPAIGNERS have challenged a British National Party candidate in next week's local elections to prove a series of extreme claims made in a campaign leaflet - or stand down.

Kevin Edwards, who is standing for the BNP in Carmarthenshire next Thursday has sent voters a glossy pamphlet which lists a number of allegations which appear to have no basis in fact, claims Searchlight Cymru.

Mr Edwards, standing in the Penygroes ward of the county, claims "homosexuality is being taught" to four-year-olds in Welsh schools and soldiers are being ordered to remove uniforms in hospital in order not to offend Muslims. He also claims all asylum seekers coming to the UK are handed cheques by the Government to buy a car. [...]

Searchlight Cymru [Wales]
22 April 2008

Searchlight calls for BNP candidate to back up ‘extraordinary’ claims, or resign