Friday, April 4, 2008

Gang Initiation (Headlight Flashing), Florida

WPLG-TV [Miami, FL]
3 April 2008

Hoax E-Mail Says Gangs Killing People In Cars

Broward County Gang Unit Investigates Rumor

An e-mail circulating the country has recipients worried about driving at night. It warns about a deadly initiation game being played by "The Bloods" street gang.

The e-mail claims new recruits are being ordered to drive around with their lights off. When another driver flashes their headlights, as a courtesy, the gang wannabes are supposed to follow that car and kill everyone inside.

One version of the official looking e-mail bears the Miami-Dade County logo and appears to be sent by a Building Code Compliance Supervisor named Jose Lezcano. [...]

Herald-Tribune [Sarasota, FL]
22 April 2008

Reliable source on crime? Not exactly

Tom Lyons

[...] At a forum for Republican candidates for Sarasota County sheriff, held at the Sarasota Yacht Club [on April 18th], a woman in the audience told the speakers she had heard, through contacts in the school system, that there is now a lot of frightening gang activity in the Sarasota area. She told a particularly awful horror story of girls being gang raped and beaten to force them into joining gangs.

"You're right," responded Larry Dunklee. "That is happening."

Dunklee is the second in command in the Sarasota County Sheriff's Office, and is hoping his experience and in-house knowledge will get him elected sheriff as boss Bill Balkwill steps down.

In his answer to the woman, Dunklee went on to warn the gathering that gangs could be a threat to them, too. He warned that if another driver ever flashes his headlights, they should never flash back because it is a gang thing. Gang members will turn and chase the car and beat the occupants, or worse.

The crowd buzzed with this shocking news. [...]