Sunday, April 20, 2008

Gang Initiation, Texan Vector

Star-Telegram [Fort Worth, TX]
20 April 2008

Watchdog: Internet turns Rowlett mom's e-mail into a national concern - and a hoax

Star-Telegram staff writer

For a week, she was one of the most famous mothers in the state, possibly the nation. People everywhere knew her name, the company where she works, what she writes about and cares about. [...]

It all started when she received an e-mail from another mother about a little dust-up in late March not far from her house in Rowlett. Some teenagers were in cars, and the cars had bumped on the road.

The mother took the e-mail, added a few comments of her own, put her name and company on the bottom, and forwarded it to an e-mail group she calls "the Mommy network."

Somehow, though, that e-mail left the Mommy network and shot across the Internet stratosphere. [...]

The e-mail states:

"New gang initiation ... They bump your car. You stop; they shoot you. This started last night (3/26/2008). Warn your family and friends. Letters are being passed out today in North Dallas schools." [...]