Monday, April 7, 2008

Second Most Sexually Active Dorm in the Country

The Hatchet [George Washington University, DC]
7 April 2008

Thurston's sex life

by Leah Carliner
Life Editor

It doesn't take much to make a freshman giggle. The simple mention of sex and Thurston in the same sentence seems to do the trick.

Once rumored to be the second most sexually active dorm in the country, Thurston's notoriety as a sex colony is hard to shake, despite the falsity of the urban legend. [...]

Once whispered to have a high ranking of sexually active students, according to a study conducted by Cornell University, or possibly a list compiled by Playboy, The Hatchet reported in the 2006 sex issue that neither distinction exists.

Still, Thurston residents and freshmen alike were quick to categorize the building as a place to go for sex. Many like Fishbone said that it might just be the quantity of students who live there and not because of the building's legendary status. [...]