Tuesday, April 1, 2008

How Many Cats Are Being Killed in Switzerland?


New York Times
1 April 2008

A Push to Stop Swiss Cats From Being Turned Into Coats and Hats


[...] While it is legal in Switzerland to shoot feral cats as well as domestic ones that stray more than 200 yards from their homes, it is not clear how many cats are hunted every year here and across the border in France, where residents have also complained about disappearing felines. One government official put the number at a couple of dozen. Luc Barthassat, a legislator with the Christian Democratic People's Party, said about 2,000, but members of S O S Chats, an advocacy group, say tens of thousands are killed. [...]

Regardless of how common it is, news media reports over the past year across Europe portraying Switzerland as a cat-slaying haven have helped S O S Chats press its case. [...]