Friday, March 28, 2008

Rumors at Murray State University

The Murray State News [Murray, KY]
28 March 2008

MSU Myths Busted

Officials set the records straight on campus-wide rumors

Emily Wuchner

[MYTH If your roommate commits suicide, you will receive straight A's.
MYTH If you are hit by a car (or in a crosswalk) on campus, you will receive free tuition.
MYTH If the teacher is more than 10 minutes late to class, class is canceled.
MYTH College Courts was built on top of an American Indian burial ground.
FACT There is a horse buried at Roy Stewart Stadium.
MYTH If a car is parked illegally with its parking flashers on, Public Safety will not issue a ticket.
MYTH Motorcycles are not ticketed.
UNSOLVED A ghost haunts the elevators in the Price Doyle Fine Arts Center.
FACT The Roy Stewart Stadium parking lot was once the town dump.
FACT There are a few children buried on University property near the Nathan B. Stubblefield monument.]