Thursday, March 20, 2008

John Smoltz Got Burned Ironing a Shirt,0,5686821.story

Orlando Sentinel [FL]
20 March 2008

Braves' John Smoltz keeps ironing out the truth about urban 'legend'

Braves pitcher refutes tale that he burned himself with the appliance while still wearing a shirt.

Josh Robbins
Sentinel Staff Writer

John Smoltz wants to set the record straight.

No, he's not referring to his 207 regular-season wins, his 15 career postseason victories or his three seasons of at least 44 saves, numbers that may earn him a spot in baseball's Hall of Fame someday.

Instead, the Atlanta Braves pitcher wants to clear up one of sport's sillier urban legends once and for all. He says he never burned himself by ironing a shirt while he was wearing it. [...]