Saturday, March 15, 2008

Gang Initiation = "Buck Fifty" Slashing

The Daily Journal [Vineland, NJ]
15 March 2008

Police: Gang e-mail rumor has no truth

Staff Writer

VINELAND -- An e-mail circulating throughout the city warning of an alleged gang initiation is false, Police Chief Timothy Codispoti said Friday.

The e-mail warns people of a gang initiation called a "buck fifty," in which a person is randomly slashed with a knife, causing a wound that requires 150 stitches to close. [...]

Bridgeton News [NJ]
15 March 2008

Slashing was not a gang initiation


VINELAND -- An e-mail circulating locally regarding an alleged gang initiation is inaccurate, according to Vineland police.

The e-mail states that a person was slashed in the face in an incident last weekend at Sherman Avenue and Main Street, in Vineland.

The author of the e-mail goes on to state that the incident was "a new gang initiation call(ed) getting a buck fifty.'"

Vineland Police Lt. Tom Ulrich said Friday that, although the e-mail is based on a real incident, the conclusions it draws are false. [...]