Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dolphin Guides Whales to Sea

New Zealand Herald
12 March 2008

Moko the dolphin helps locals save whales from beaching

It could have been a scene from a movie when Mahia's Moko the dolphin came out of nowhere to save two pygmy sperm whales from what looked like certain death.

The playful dolphin, who has set up home around Mahia on the East Coast, was the perfect helper on Monday as Department of Conservation worker Malcolm Smith toiled to refloat the mother whale and her one-year-old male calf. [...]

The Associated Press
13 March 2008

Dolphin Appears to Guide Whales to Sea


WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) - Most days, Moko the bottlenosed dolphin swims playfully with humans at a New Zealand beach. But this week, it seems, Moko found his mojo. Witnesses described Wednesday how they saw the dolphin swim up to two stranded whales and guide them to safety. [...]