Friday, March 14, 2008

Ring and Helium Balloon

The Sun [UK]
14 March 2008

Balloon seen in the sky with diamond


A HOPELESS romantic saw his engagement plans vanish into thin air – after a balloon containing a £6,000 diamond ring was BLOWN AWAY.

Luckless Lefkos Hajji wanted to surprise girlfriend Leanne, 26 – so he told a florist to put the sparkler inside a helium balloon.

But as he left the shop a gust pulled it from his hand and the balloon soared into the sky. [...]
[An earlier incident involving a wedding ring and a helium balloon:]

Scarborough Today [UK]
22 Feb 2007

Wedding ring calamity

A SCARBOROUGH dad is in the dog-house after a balloon-atic stunt ended in calamity.

Calum McFadyen tied his gold wedding ring to the string of his child's helium balloon to see if he could weigh it down.

But as he watched television in the front room he was horrified when he heard older son Henry, four, open the front door of their Alexandra Park home and wave goodbye to the Thomas the Tank Engine balloon as it floated off with the ring still attached. [...],,2-2007080842,00.html
The Sun [UK]
23 Feb 2007