Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Curse of the Crying Boy Picture

The Sheffield Star [UK]
5 March 2008

Truth about the Crying Boy curse revealed

By Martin Dawes

[David Clarke has researched the legend of the "cursed" Crying Boy picture. His article, "The Curse of the Crying Boy," appears in Fortean Times 234 (May 2008), pp. 32-8.]

[On reports of "The Crying Boy" picture surviving and possibly even causing fires in various homes in Britain in 1985-6, see Georgina Boyes, "Women's Icon, Occupational Folklore and the Media: An Examination of a Contemporary Rumour Legend in Process," in Gillian Bennett and Paul Smith, eds., The Questing Beast. Perspectives on Contemporary Legend, volume IV (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 1989), pp. 117-131. See also Fortean Times 46 (Spring 1986), pp. 22-3; Fortean Times 47 (Autumn 1986), p. 36.]


David Clarke's article, "The Curse of the Crying Boy, "is now online: