Monday, September 16, 2019

Unmarked School Bus Tries to Pick Up Students (East Alton, IL)

KMOV-TV [St. Louis]
14 September 2019

'Everyone's worst nightmare;' Mother warns parents after unmarked yellow school bus stopped for her daughter in East Alton

EAST ALTON, Ill. ( -- A Metro East mother has a warning for parents whose children ride the bus to school. She told News 4 an unmarked bus opened its door for her daughter last week. The East Alton Police Department is looking for this unmarked yellow school bus after reports of it stopping and opening its door to students near the city's limits. […] [Laura] Hale's 12-year-old daughter walked to the bus stop a little after 7 a.m. on Thursday when the bus pulled up and opened its doors. Hale's daughter said there was no one inside the bus at the time. The bus driver waited about three minutes then drove off. Hale called the school district once she heard about this from her daughter. […]

KTVI-TV [St. Louis]
15 September 2019

East Alton police warning parents and students about unmarked school bus stopping at bus stops

EAST ALTON, IL - The East Alton Police Department is warning parents and students to be on the lookout for an unmarked yellow school bus that apparently tried to pick up students from various bus stops on Thursday. […] Authorities are calling the bus suspicious and police say it's unclear at this time if someone is trying to pick up kids in Illinois at their bus stops before school, “I just heard that an unmarked school bus had come and tried to pick up a few kids and not only in this neighborhood but also in another neighborhood,” said Kayla Logan. […]

KMOV-TV [St. Louis]
16 September 2019

Report of unmarked school bus in East Alton unfounded, police say

[…] Monday, the East Alton Police Department said the previously shared image showed the bus without any apparent markings, but neighboring surveillance systems showed that the bus did have markings. […]

The Telegraph [Alton, IL]
17 September 2019

Suspected East Alton creeper bus was a totally legit, normal school bus, police investigation finds

EAST ALTON — The East Alton Police Department issued a press release Monday night updating the public on the report late last week that a mysterious, unmarked, oracular school bus was lurking the area, and looking to pick some unsuspecting students. It was probably a legitimate bus, there to pick up kids for school. […]

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