Friday, September 20, 2019

Eva Braun's Panties

Eva Braun’s panties are the modern equivalent of slivers of the True Cross.

The Daily Beast
30 May 2015

How Did Eva Braun’s Underwear End Up in an Ohio Thrift Store?

Prominently displayed in a long, narrow shop in Elmore, Ohio, is a glass case containing a pair of high-waisted, salmon-colored, lace-accented French silk panties. A raised monogram on the top spells “EB” and a price tag lists a “FIRM” $7,500. These are not just any French silk panties. If the accompanying description is to be believed, they once belonged to Hitler’s longtime mistress (and, briefly, wife), the notorious Eva Braun. […]

Express [UK]
4 November 2016

Knickers worn by Adolf Hitler's mistress Eva Braun sell for £3,500

A PAIR of silk frilly knickers worn by Adolf Hitler's mistress Eva Braun for the Nazi dictator have sold for almost £3,500. The pair of lilac undies, that have Braun's monogrammed initials embroidered on the front of them, got pulses racing when they went up for auction. […]

19 September 2019

Hitler's wife Eva Braun's WW2 knickers sell for £3,700

A pair of knickers belonging to Adolf Hitler's wife Eva Braun has sold at auction for £3,700. The pink silk pants embroidered with Braun's initials came from a private European World War Two collection. […]

Charles Rodrigues, Gag on This (Seattle: Fantagraphics Books, 2015), 128. A cartoon that originally appeared in the National Lampoon.

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