Thursday, June 6, 2019

Shanghai Tunnels (Portland) – Revenge Sales – Needle in Strawberry (NZ) – London Parakeets

Tillamook Headlight Herald [OR]
4 June 2019

Offbeat Oregon: Portland’s “Shanghai Tunnels”: Mostly myth, but not entirely

    By Finn J.D. John

One of the most popular tourist attractions for visitors to Portland is a tour of the “Shanghai Tunnels” that ruin [sic] beneath Old Town’s streets. Historians of old Portland […] tend to scoff at the whole enterprise. […] And they’re right … up to a point. The fact is, there is pretty good evidence that parts of the underground network we know as “the Shanghai Tunnels” today were used to shanghai sailors. But they were used as dungeons, not as a transportation network. […]

[Mr. John’s argument is unconvincing. Two days later, the article has been removed from the site.]

[Revenge sale stories about blokes who don’t own a Porsche.]

The Sun [UK]
6 June 2019

I flogged my husband’s £45k footie memorabilia for just a fiver after he was pictured with a mystery blonde at a match

A FURIOUS wife got revenge on her husband by flogging his £45,000 footie memorabilia for just a fiver after she spotted him at a match with a mystery blonde. Shelly Cohen, 41, from Warrington, Cheshire, has been married to Paul, 35, for nearly a decade, but was sick of being a ‘football widow’. […]

The Sun [UK]
19 January 2019

Jilted girlfriend sells boyfriend’s £186 Xbox for £3 after finding out he cheated on her

A JILTED girlfriend sold her boyfriend’s Xbox for just £3 after discovering he had cheated on her. Georgia Jackson, 24, advertised Josh Maddock’s “pride and joy” console for sale on a Facebook selling site. The mum of one wrote: “First one to collect can have it for £3.” […]


New Zealand Herald
6 June 2019

Timaru woman Jaydean Temperley sentenced to home detention for lying about strawberry needle

A woman who lied about finding a needle in a strawberry will spend five months on home detention. Jaydean Temperley, 29, has been sentenced in the Timaru District Court this morning, after previously pleading guilty to charges of making a false complaint and causing loss by deception. Judge Joanna Mays says putting the needle in the strawberry didn't just financially affect strawberry growers and the supermarket – it undermined public confidence in the food supply. […]


The Guardian [UK]
6 June 2019

The great green expansion: how ring-necked parakeets took over London
Was Jimi Hendrix responsible for the bright-green tropical birds’ presence in the capital? Or was it Katharine Hepburn?

[…] If you ask random Londoners how parakeets came to thrive in their city […] the chances are that one of these theories will be told as fact. No one is ever sure where they heard it. They are classic urban myths, spreading through word of mouth, mutating and evolving a little with every teller. Whatever the truth, or lack of it, these stories are a sign that London’s parakeets, in their short time among us, have become deeply lodged in the city’s collective imagination. […]

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