Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Oreos Contain Alcohol (Dubai) – Contaminated Crepes Fed to Teachers – Acid Synthesizer

Khaleej Times [Dubai]
17 May 2019

Dubai Municipality responds to Oreo rumours

The Dubai Municipality has responded to the circulating rumours that Oreo biscuits sold in UAE markets allegedly contain a small amount of alcohol. Dubai Municipality denied the rumour on social media, stating that the product in the market is 'halal' and alcohol free. It explained that there was a mistake translating the food ingredients into Arabic. The word 'chocolate liquor' was literally translated to alcohol, on the other hand, it should have been translated to cocoa paste, the municipality added. […]

[An earlier Oreo rumor:]

Khaleej Times [Dubai]
4 August 2016

DM: No alcoholic ingredient in Milka Oreo bar

Dubai Municipality, in response to social media rumours, clarified on Thursday that there are no alcoholic components in Milka Oreo, a popular chocolate bar. DM's Food Safety Department attributed the rumours to a "mistranslation" given by the manufacturing company. […]


The Columbus Dispatch [OH]
20 May 2019

Olentangy middle schoolers investigated over report of urine, semen in crepes served to teachers

POWELL — Charges could be filed against at least two Olentangy Local middle school students who shared video of themselves claiming to put bodily fluids into food eaten by several teachers. The incident took place Thursday at Hyatts Middle School, where a home economics class had prepared crepes for teachers to judge as part of a year-end project. […] The video reportedly describes, or shows, both urine and semen being added to the crepes. […]


KPIX-TV [San Francisco, CA]
21 May 2019

Repair Of Iconic ’60s Era Synthesizer Turns Into Long, Strange Trip For Engineer

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) — For years, an urban legend circulated online and in documentaries, purporting how part of a groundbreaking musical instrument — versions which are stored at a Bay Area university and other institutions — was dipped in a psychedelic drug. Online chatter detailed how musicians who used the instrument would wet their finger, touch the device, and then lick their finger to get a little bit of mind-expanding inspiration. Now this supposed myth may turn out to be a reality. […]

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