Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Birthday Card’s Missing Check – Soul Catcher Microchip (1996) – Clowns Abduct Girl (Mexico)

Dear Abby
26 May 2019

Missing Birthday Check Gets Teens' Attention

DEAR ABBY: Here's a fun suggestion for grandmothers who are upset about teens not writing thank-you notes. If you want to hear from a teen, try this: Send a card and write inside, "Happy Birthday! Please buy something fun or something you need with the enclosed check. Love you, Grandma." Then forget to enclose the check. You will hear from that child, I promise. -- NEW ENGLAND NANA

DEAR NANA: You are a shrewd and witty lady. I'm sure my readers will love that suggestion. I know I did!

[Reader comments are overwhelmingly negative, such as this one: “Or you could just tell them/their parents you want a thank you note if you're going to continue sending gifts, instead of teaching them to be passive aggressive or making them think you're going senile.”]

Robert Uhlig, “Death Has Had Its Chips, Say Computer Scientists,” Daily Telegraph (London), 18 July 1996, reprinted here in the Calgary Herald (Alberta) on the same date. A modern take on optograms, images supposedly retained on the retina after death.

A computer chip implanted behind the eye that could record a person's every lifetime thought and sensation is to be developed by British scientists. "This is the end of death," Dr. Chris Winter, of British Telecom's artificial life team, said Wednesday. […] "An implanted chip would be like an aircraft's black box and would enhance communications beyond current concepts," he said. "For example, police would be able to relive an attack, rape or murder from the victim's viewpoint to help catch the criminal." […]


Mexico News Daily
23 May 2019

‘Clowns’ attempt to kidnap 7-year-old girl in México state

Popular horror literature came to life yesterday when three men dressed as clowns attempted to kidnap a 7-year-old girl in Nezahualcóyotl, México state. According to initial reports the clowns used a motorcycle to intercept the girl in the Palmas neighborhood, grabbed her and sped off. The girl’s mother’s desperate pleas for help were quickly answered by neighbors who blocked the men’s route just a short distance ahead. Arriving on the scene, police arrested the three clowns and turned them in for processing. Among the criminals’ confiscated possessions, authorities discovered a cell phone with a message to an additional party that said they were on their way with the “package.” […]

The Sun [UK]
28 May 2019


THREE men dressed in killer clown costumes lured a seven-year-old girl into their van and then texted a mystery man, telling him “we have the package”. […]

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