Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Tunnels under Athens, Texas

Tyler Morning Telegraph [Tyler, Texas]
1 November 2015

Written by CORY MCCOY

Athens is a city shrouded in a mystery that was solved long ago.

For decades persistent myths have spread that the city sits on a sprawling network of tunnels, possibly in the shape of a pentagram. The entrances and uses of these tunnels seem to vary depending on whom you ask.

The most outlandish rumor comes from a 1992 issue of UFO Magazine.

The magazine claimed the tunnels were in fact “a joint alien-military underground facility.”

The most common urban legends claim a vast population of devil worshippers once built the tunnels for nefarious reasons. Others say it was for the Underground Railroad, but fail to note that every building they claim to connect to was built far later. […]