Saturday, November 7, 2015

Tampered Treats, Halloween 2015

This is my sixth annual round-up of reports of tampered Halloween treats, presented in roughly chronological order. Some reports are later revealed as hoaxes in articles farther on down the page.  I make no claim that this collection is complete.

North Bay Today [Ontario]
28 October 2015

Warning to parents this Halloween! Last year's criminals still at large.
People planting blades in treats have not been caught

by: Jeff Turl

Last Halloween in North Bay, kids out trick or treating found chocolate bars that contained razor-blade like objects.

The people that did it are still at large, and police have not been able to trace which homes the tampered candy came from. […]

The Columbus Dispatch [OH]
30 October 2015

Reynoldsburg police: Razor blade found in Halloween candy

By Brenda Jackson

Reynoldsburg police are asking parents of children who trick-or-treated in the suburb to check all candy tonight, after a razor blade was found in a candy bar.

Lt. Shane Mauger said police have no reason to believe the situation was a hoax. He said that the razor blade was in a Snickers bar. […]

The Columbus Dispatch [OH]
30 October 2015

Razor blade report causing a trick-or-treat tizzy

By Holly Zachariah
The Columbus Dispatch

It’s only mid-morning and the woman answering the phone at the Reynoldsburg Police Department already sounds weary.

The phone hasn’t stopped ringing all morning with people wanting to know more about that razor blade that a child said she found in a Snickers bar collected during trick-or-treating on Thursday night. Parents are calling, officials in other cities are calling, reporters from across the country are calling.

And Police Lt. Shane Mauger is telling everyone the same thing: “What we have right now is an isolated incident. No one needs to panic. Parents should just be vigilant.”

Mauger said police were called Thursday night after “an older child” — a police report says she’s 14 — bit into the candy bar and noticed something amiss.

It was, Mauger said, a sliver of razor blade, the kind that would come if someone tore apart a disposable razor and removed one of the pieces inside. He said the sergeant who responded to the home and took the report is a 30-year veteran and he doesn’t think this is a hoax. […]

Metro News [Charleston, WV]
30 October 2015

Police investigate suspicious Halloween candy

By Chris Lawrence

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va. — Three girls received more than they thought while trick-or-treating in South Charleston Thursday night.   Police say the girls found shards of glass in candy they were given while going door-to-door in the Armour View subdivision.

“They don’t have a specific house or anything like that,” said Detective Jonathan Halstead of the South Charleston Police Department. “Just in the Armour View subdivision.”

The subdivision includes hundreds of homes which saw a high volume of trick or treaters Thursday night.  The three girls who found the suspicious candy were actually in a group of approximately seven all of them were middle school age.

“One girl didn’t have a bag and was using her jacket, she put her hand in her pocket and found about five pieces of glass in with her candy,” said Halstead. “The second teen found a piece of candy with glass and hair throughout and the third girl located another one in a piece of candy in her candy bag when she got home.” […]

CBC News
31 October 2015

Trick-or-treaters accidentally given bipolar meds at Quebec store
Police say prescription drugs in individual blister packs made way into candy bowl

Some children in Quebec City got an unintended Halloween trick — that police said wasn't dangerous — when bipolar medication was accidentally mixed into a candy basket at a local grocery store.

Const. Melissa Cliche of Quebec City police said a customer had ordered the prescription for her son at the store's pharmacy counter and then dropped it on the way out.

Another client found the medication on the floor and put it on the counter, next to a candy basket. "So, unfortunately, we don't know how, an employee just mixed it with the candy by accident and distributed it to the kids," Cliche said.

Seven pills, each wrapped in an individual blister package, were given to trick-or-treating children.

Police said the pills aren't dangerous, but if ingested they could produce minor side effects such as trembling, nausea and drowsiness.

CBS Boston
1 November 2015

Cough Syrup Given Out To North Reading Trick-Or-Treaters

NORTH READING (CBS) — Police in North Reading are urging parents to check their children’s candy after discovering that one house was apparently giving out cough syrup on Halloween night.

A Facebook post from police said that a residence in the Olde Farm Lane area left out children’s cough syrup samples for trick-or-treaters.

Officers recovered the box and identified the cough syrup as Hyland’s 4 Kids Cold ‘n Mucus.

“If your kids were trick or treating in this area tonight, please check to make sure they did not take any of these samples,” police said. […]

WLS-TV [Chicago]
1 November 2015

Police: Needles reportedly found in Kennett Square Halloween candy

KENNETT SQUARE, Pa. -- Police in Kennett Square, Chester County are investigating reports of sewing needles found inside the Halloween candy of multiple children.

Police received the report at midnight Sunday.

A man told police sewing type needles were found inside five wrapped Twix candy bars given to four different children from different households as they were trick-or-treating on Halloween.

The children had been going door to door in the Stenning Hills area of the Borough which roughly borders South Union Street and West South Street.

Police say the man reporting the incident said he saw a Facebook post from an unknown source describing their Snickers candy had needles in it.

This post lead him to check his children's candy and discovered the sewing type needles in the Twix snack size candy. […]

Poughkeepsie Journal [NY]
1 November 2015

Police investigating report of contaminated candy from Galleria Mall

Amanda J Purcell

Town of Poughkeepsie police are urging parents to check their children's Halloween candy after a parent reportedly found a pill inside a Snickers bar.

Joann Turner of Wappingers Falls said her 13-year-old daughter was looking through her candy she received while trick-or-treating at the Galleria Mall on South Road Saturday when she found an opened Snickers bar. Her mother went over to take a look.

“It was separated at the ends,” she said. “It looked like it was carefully opened and slipped back in. The ends had been sliced with something like a razor or a knife.”

Inside the wrapper, Turner said she noticed the candy had been cut horizontally. When she pulled it apart, she found a pink pill inside. […]

WBNS-TV [Columbus, OH]
30 November 2015

Hebron Police: Candy Not Contaminated With Pot

The Hebron Police Department says it is testing Halloween candy that may have been laced with marijuana.

Authorities say the investigation comes after they received a report from a local resident that possible tainted candy from a "munch mix" was distributed during trick-or-treating Thursday night.

Police say the candy in question has been submitted for laboratory examination and the results will be known later today.  We will have the results of those tests when they are announced on […]

HEBRON, Ohio - Update - Friday 4 p.m.:

The Hebron Police Department is reporting that no pieces of candy were contaminated or tainted by marijuana or any other foreign substances.

The department said it will continue its investigation into the matter to determine if it was a hoax perpetrated on social media. […]

Mass Live [MA]
1 November 2015

Chicopee child finds needle or pin in Halloween candy

By Jeanette DeForge

CHICOPEE – A family reported finding a pin or needle stuck in a chocolate bar given out to a child trick-or-treating on Saturday night.

The candy was given out some place in the Granby Road or East Street area where the family went trick-or-treating, Michael Wilk, public information officer for the Chicopee Police Department. […]

Lloydminster Meridian Booster [Alberta]
1 November 2015

Pill located inside Halloween Candy           

By Taylor Weaver

The following is a statement from the Lloydminter [sic] RCMP:

Lloydminster, Alberta - On November 1, 2015, Lloydminster RCMP received two complaints of pills being located inside of children's candy bags.  The first was a blister pack filled with medication. The second was when a child bit into a snickers bar and found a round white pill inside the chocolate bar.

The pill was stamped with APO. The child did not ingest the pill and gave it to her parents immediately.  Upon a closer look it appeared as though the package had been opened and resealed. […]

KFYR-TV [Bismarck, ND]
1 November 2015
Bismarck Mother says her Child Got a Bag of Pills and Candy While Trick-or-treating

A Bismarck mother is warning parents to check their children's Halloween candy after her child was given a baggy of pills and candy while trick-or-treating.

The mom wrote in a Facebook post that her child got an EZY dose pill bag containing four gummy candies, an antihistamine, acid reflex medication, anti anxiety medication, type 2 diabetes medication and a multivitamin. […]

WWLP-TV [Chicopee, MA]
1 November 2015

Springfield woman the latest to find tainted Halloween candy

Matt Caron

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – Multiple reports of tainted Halloween candy have come in across the state. A Springfield mom contacted 22News after finding a needle in her daughter’s candy bar.

We visited the apartment of Ennette Figueroa, where she showed us what appeared to be a sewing needle. She says she found the needle sticking through the wrapping of her daughter’s Crunch candy bar. She wanted a piece of Halloween candy after finishing her dinner.

Figueroa, her mother, cousin, sister and daughter all went trick-or-treating Halloween night in East Longmeadow. That’s where she says she was given the candy. […]

1 November 2015

Fayetteville Police Investigating Needle Found in Candy Bar

Angela Witt-Smith, a mother who took her children trick-or-treating in Goshen, filed a police report Sunday, noting four needles found in her child's Halloween candy.

Witt-Smith said she took her kids trick-or-treating at a subdivision off of highway 45 on the way to Goshen. She said her daughter later bit down on a needle in a Kit-Kat bar. […]

The Morning Journal [Lorain, OH]
1 November 2015

Metal object found in candy bar in Lorain

By Staff report, The Morning Journal

A metal object that looked like a needle was found in a Baby Ruth candy bar during trick-or-treating on Halloween in Lorain Oct. 31.

According to the Lorain Police Department’s Facebook page, no one was injured by the needle, but police are recommending that parents check their children’s candy before allowing them to eat it.

The candy bar was given out between Oberlin Avenue and Leavitt Avenue from West Erie Avenue to West 10th Street. […]

CBC News
1 November 2015

Winnipeg mom finds needle in child's candy, warns parents to check

A Winnipeg mom is warning parents to carefully examine Halloween candy after she found a sewing needle poking out of a small chocolate bar her daughter collected on Saturday night.

Jennifer Tichborne said the candy's wrapper looked like it had been tampered with and when her daughter broke the chocolate bar in half, she saw the needle. Its eye still had thread attached. […]

CBC News
2 November 2015

Razor blades found in Halloween chocolate in Niagara: police
Niagara Regional are asking for the public's help with their investigation

The Canadian Press

Police are investigating after razor blades were discovered in Halloween candy in southwestern Ontario.

Niagara Regional police say a child in Thorold, Ont., bit into a chocolate bar after returning home and felt something solid within the treat.

They say the child stopped chewing and spit out the bar, which revealed a razor blade that appeared to come from a disposable shaving razor.

In another incident a child bit into an O'Henry! chocolate bar after trick-or-treating in St. Catharines, Ont., and bit into something made of metal, which turned out to be a razor blade.

Police say neither child was hurt and are asking parents to examine candy wrappers for tampering. […]

Boston Herald
2 November 2015

Auburn police: No charges for girl, 11, who faked razor in candy

Laurel J. Sweet

Auburn police will not charge an 11-year-old girl who falsely told police she was given a Hershey’s chocolate bar with a razor blade Saturday night — a report that was then widely circulated on social media.

“We could have submitted the complaint to juvenile court, but it would be referred back to the parent anyway,” Auburn Detective Sgt. Scott Mills told the Herald this morning. “All in all, it was handled correctly on all levels. Kids make mistakes. If a kid robs a convenience store — well, that’s not a mistake we can overlook.”

After the girl’s mother told police her daughter said she was given the candy while trick-or-treating, Auburn police put out a warning on Facebook and Twitter Saturday night with a photo of the chocolate and blade, warning parents to “double check children’s candy to be safe.” The report was then widely circulated. […]

By yesterday, the incident had been determined to be a hoax.

The girl got the razor by cracking open a pencil sharpener with a butter knife, Mills said. […]

WNCN-TV [Raleigh, NC]
2 November 2015

Needle hidden in Halloween candy sticks NC teen, police report says

By WNCN Staff

ROXBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – A 14-year-old Roxboro teen was stuck with a needle when she took a bite of a candy bar she received when trick or treating, a sheriff’s office report showed.

The teen’s parent called the Person County Sheriff Office to report a needle hidden in a Snicker’s bar had stuck her daughter in the roof her mouth. […]

KYW-TV [Philadelphia]
2 November 2015

Police Arrest NJ Man For False Report Of Needles In Candy Bars

GLOUCESTER TOWNSHIP, N.J. (CBS) — Police in our area are investigating multiple reports of people finding needles or pins in their Halloween candy, but police in a South Jersey town say one man’s claim turned out to be false.

A picture of four sewing needles in four pieces of candy, is what Gloucester Township Police say Robert Ledrew of Blackwood posted on Facebook Saturday night.

“Not the type of thing you want to hear with your children’s candy over Halloween.”

Captain Anthony Minosse says Ledrew then reported this tainted candy to police on Sunday.

Then, after detectives spoke with Ledrew, “They discovered upon questioning the male that he indeed made up the story.”

Minossse says Ledrew actually put the needles in himself, and the reason he gives them is that he was trying to teach his kids a lesson to be careful with their candy.

But Ledrew was arrested and charged with making a false police report, Minosse says his lesson continues in court at a future date.

Tucson News Now
2 November 2015

Tucson mom finds pills in child's Halloween candy

By Kristin Haubrich

TUCSON, AZ (Tucson News Now) - A Tucson woman was shocked to find a bottle of pills in the middle of her daughter's Halloween candy.

Ashley Johnson's 5-year-old daughter was excited to empty out her trick-or-treat bag and show off her big pile of candy.

But as Johnson helped her sort it piece by piece they came across something that didn't belong - a bottle of Dramamine.

It's a drug used to help with motion sickness. But it can be very harmful to children. It can cause hallucinations and seizures. Johnson said there were six pills left in the bottle. […]

The News [New Glasgow, NS]
2 November 2015

RCMP investigating object found in Pictou Halloween candy

Pictou District RCMP are investigating a complaint of a metal object inside a Halloween-size candy bar.

On Sunday, Nov. 1 at approximately 1 p.m., a 15-year-old female discovered a piece of flexible metal strip inside a small candy bar after opening the wrapper. […]

Const. Mark Skinner, media relations officer, said they don’t believe it was placed there maliciously, and that it may have happened during the manufacturing process. […]

Kamloops This Week [BC]
2 November 2015

Mom finds needle in Halloween candy; Kamloops RCMP investigating

Police are investigating a report of tainted candy after a North Kamloops parent found a sewing needle stuck inside a chocolate bar.

Jennifer Suzanne posted video of the tainted candy on a popular Facebook page called Kamloops Shoplifters and Thieves Exposed. […]

CBC News
2 November 2015

Thumbtack in Halloween candy prompts warning from Toronto police
Police warning parents to be vigilant about checking chocolate and candy

CBC News

Toronto police issued a warning to parents after a thumbtack was discovered inside a Halloween chocolate bar in the city's east end on Monday.

Police said the incident occurred in the Eastwood Road and Woodbine Avenue area, in the upper Beaches neighbourhood.

A photo of the candy shows the thumbtack pressed into a Kit-Kat bar. […]

CBS Minnesota
2 November 2015

Brainerd Police: Needle Found In Candy Revealed As Hoax

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Brainerd police say the incident of a needle found inside a piece of candy on Halloween has been revealed as a hoax.

According to police, the child involved in the story fabricated the incident.

On Sunday, police posted a photo on Facebook and said they got a call from someone who found a needle in their child’s candy. The image shows what appears to be a needle in a fun-size Three Musketeers bar.

The caller said they had been trick-or-treating in north Brainerd, near the hospital, and in northeast Brainerd.

“The Brainerd Police Department wants to dispel any public safety concerns there may be. Authorities in our area have received no other reports of any tampering with candy or immediate concerns or dangers,” police said in a statement.

KHON2-TV [Honolulu, Hawaii]
2 November 2015

Honolulu police investigate cases involving tampered Halloween candy

By Manolo Morales

If there’s still Halloween candy left in the house, you might want to give it an even closer look before anyone eats it.

Honolulu police are investigating three incidents of needles and other sharp objects found inside candy bars that were given out on Halloween. […]

Boston Globe
3 November 2015

Toilet disks found in Halloween candy bags in Hopkinton

By Alexandra Koktsidis

Hopkinton police said they are investigating two separate reports of toilet tank cleaner disks found in children’s Halloween candy bags.

Parents of a 14-year-old and a 6-year-old reported the disks on Sunday after inspecting the candy bags, police said in a press release Monday. Neither child consumed the cleaner.

The children were trick-or-treating in the downtown area on Saturday, and the investigation is ongoing, police said. […]

WHDH-TV [Boston]
2 November 2015

Police: Razor found in bag of Halloween candy in Hudson, N.H.


A razor blade was allegedly found in a bag of Halloween candy in Hudson, New Hampshire.

Police said they received a call from a resident at Elmwood Village, who claimed to have found a razor blade in their child's bag of Halloween candy. The child had gone trick-or-treating in the area of Elmwood Village and other adjacent neighborhoods. […]

KXAS-TV [Fort Worth, TX]
2 November 2015

Fort Worth Children Find Staples in Halloween Candy

By Scott Gordon

Two children in a North Fort Worth neighborhood found staples in their Halloween candy over the weekend, and now police are investigating.

Nine-year-old Caden Faris said he first noticed something unusual about a Reese's peanut butter cup.

"When I opened it I found a tiny hole in the bottom," Faris said. "So I showed my mom and she said to crack it open. So when I cracked it open, there was a staple pointing out of it."

His mother, Jessica Faris, said she then found a second staple in a second piece of chocolate.

She warned a neighbor, who reported finding a third staple in her daughter's candy. […]

2 November 2015

Cops: Mom Suspected Irritant From Halloween Candy, Took Kids to ER

Hingham Police said a Hingham mother reported that she sought medical treatment for her children after she suspected they were exposed to an irritant from Halloween candy.

Sunday, police said a resident called to report taking her two children, ages 5 and 9, to South Shore Hospital.

Authorities said the Hingham, Mass., resident said emergency room staff told her it appeared the children had been exposed to an irritant.

Police said the mother reported that the children had been trading Halloween candy earlier in the day, and later they began showing irritation symptoms: red and glassy swollen and stinging eyes. […]

WCMH-TV [Columbus, OH]
2 November 2015

Marysville Police investigating reports of tainted candy

MARYSVILLE, Ohio (WCMH)– More candy concerns after reports of tainted Halloween candy, this time out of Marysville.

Police are investigating two incidents, both from candy they were told was collected Saturday night in the Mill Valley neighborhood.

Last week Reynoldsburg Police said a razor blade was found in a candy bar.

Ula Clarke says, “I don’t think my kids are going to Trick-or-Treat anymore.”

It was scary for the Marysville grandmother of seven, after her daughter-in-law found something in her grandkids’ Halloween candy.

“It could have been an aspirin or some kind of a speed or a hallucinogenic or anything,” says Clarke.

The kids went trick or treating Halloween night. Clarke says she’d suggested the Mill Valley neighborhood, just north of Marysville. The next morning she says her daughter-in-law bit into a small candy bar she thought the kids had opened. Inside, Clarke says, she found what appeared to be some sort of pill. […]

WXIN-TV [Indianapolis, IN]
2 November 2015

Winchester woman finds knife blade in son’s Halloween candy

 by Kylee Wierks

RANDOLPH COUNTY, Ind. (November 2, 2015) – The Winchester Police Department is investigating a report of a knife blade inside a piece of candy.

According to police, they were dispatched to a home in Winchester because a mother located a razor blade in her son’s candy and she wanted to speak with an officer.

The officer that responded found a utility knife blade sticking out of a piece of a candy bar. […]

New Jersey 101.5 | 2 November 2015

Mom reports sharp metal in NJ halloween candy

By Dan Alexander

A South Jersey mom reports she found a sharp object in her kids Halloween candy, and police near Philadelphia are investigating tampering instances in their area.

Michelle Garwood posted on her Facebook pictures of a Snickers Almond bar with a sharp object inside.

“This was in my children’s Halloween candy. We went trick or treating in Woodbury Heights in the summit by St. Margaret’s (Regional School). I could not believe as we go trick or treating there every year with no problems,” Garwood wrote.

She also wrote that she called Woodbury Heights Police and would bringing the candy to them in person on Monday.

Woodbury Heights Police confirmed on their Facebook page they received a call about “a needle or pin” in a bag of candy, though the person who called hadn’t yet brought it in. The caller said she had been trick-or-treating in the 100 and 200 block of Central Ave as well as Second Street, Linden Avenue and Beech Avenue of Woodbury Heights, police said. […]

WMDT-TV [Salisbury, MD]
2 November 2015

Salisbury PD, FBI investigating needle found in Halloween candy

Chris Scalice

SALISBURY, Md. - Police in Salisbury are now working with federal investigators after a needle was found in a piece of Halloween candy.

According to Salisbury PD, on Sunday, officers responded to Grant Avenue for a report that a child's Halloween candy was had a sewing needle in it. Police say the needle was found inside of a single piece of a Twizzler brand candy by a 15-year-old while they were eating it. The child was not hurt.

Reports say the candy's wrapper appeared to be intact. […]

KFOR-TV [Oklahoma City, OK]
2 November 2015

“I was shocked,” Family says they discovered pills inside Halloween candy

by KFOR-TV & K. Querry

SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Mya Ogg says she has always loved Halloween but doesn't want to go trick-or-treating ever again.

This year, Ogg was going through her haul of Halloween candy when she spotted something strange about a Tootsie Roll.

"It looked already opened, so I unwrapped it and I saw the pills," Ogg told FOX 40. "I was shocked. I wasn't that much scared, but I was shocked that somebody would do that to endanger a kid's life. And not only me, he could've handed it out to plenty of other kids."

The family says its has no idea what type of pills were in the candy or whether they are potentially harmful. […]

CFAX 1070 Radio [Victoria, BC]
2 November 2015

Needle found in Halloween candy collected in Colwood

from Kyle Reynolds

A Colwood family has discovered a three-inch sewing needle inside a piece of Halloween candy.

The needle was found by two parents inside a small Wonderbar chocolate collected by their four-year old son from a home near Woodpark Drive in Colwood. […]

Merritt Herald [BC]
2 November 2015

Razor blades found in Halloween candy

An 11-year-old trick-or-treater from the Diamond Vale area discovered razor blades in his Halloween candy.

According to the RCMP, it appears that they boy found two razor blades sheathed in their packaging inside a prepared Ziploc bag with other candy on Halloween night. The blades were not concealed in any candy or wrapping and no injuries were sustained. It is unknown where the blades came from. […]

WTAE-TV [Pittsburgh]
3 November 2015

State police investigate report of razor blade in Halloween candy
Girl, 16, treated at Indiana Regional Medical Center

MARION CENTER, Pa. —State police are investigating after a 16-year-old western Pennsylvania girl who reported finding a razor blade in her Halloween candy was treated for cuts in her mouth.

Troopers from the Indiana, Pennsylvania, barracks say the girl was treated Monday.
Trooper Mark McMahan said Tuesday the girl reported receiving the razor in a piece of bubble gum she received during a community event in the Marion Center area. That's about 60 miles northeast of Pittsburgh.
The event involved 22 people who registered to hand out Halloween treats out of their vehicles at a school parking lot in East Mahoning Township.
More than 300 children received treats, and nobody else reported that anything was tainted.
No suspects had been identified and no charges have been filed.

Indiana Gazette [PA]
3 November 2015

Police: Story of razor blade tainted gum was hoax

MARION CENTER — Authorities reported this evening that a teenage girl’s tale of cutting her mouth on a razor blade embedded in Halloween candy is a hoax.

State police reported the 16-year-old girl confessed that she invented the story that she originally reported Monday to troopers at the Indiana station.

The teen admitted that her injury — which reportedly required 23 stitches — was self inflicted.

“She advised that at no time was anyone else involved in the incident, and that the candy she received from trick-or-treating was safe,” Trooper Alison Goswick reported in a news release. […]

Troopers didn’t indicate in the updated report whether any charges would be filed.
3 November 2015

Strange items found in Halloween bag: Medina Police blotter

By Brian Lisik,special to Sun News

Suspicious activity, Providence Drive: A resident called police at 7:54 p.m. Nov. 1 after finding a sewing needle and a panty liner in her child's Halloween sack. […]
3 November 2015

Another piece of candy, another sharp object, police say

Rebecca Forand

WEST DEPTFORD TWP. — Police in the township have received a report of Halloween candy that had been tampered with, making West Deptford the fourth complaint of its kind this week.

A Three Musketeers bar in a child's trick-or-treat bag contained a paper clip, the caller told police.  They had been going door-to-door in the Colonial Manor section of West Deptford. […]

WTVD-TV [Raleigh, NC] | 3 November 215

Police: Needle found in Halloween candy in Holly Springs

HOLLY SPRINGS (WTVD) -- Police say a needle was found in Halloween candy received Saturday night during trick-or-treating in Holly Springs.

Officers were told Monday night that the needle was found in a Snickers Fun Size candy bar that was received in the Lakeside subdivision area.

On Tuesday, authorities said they found a second piece of candy they believed was suspicious, and may contain a foreign object. They are investigating to confirm it.

The child narrowly missed getting pricked by the needle, and told his parents, who notified police.

"He initially bit into it because the caramel covered the needle," the child's mother, Ada Melendez said. "Fortunately, it didn't prick him, but he was freaking out. So we called the police. […]

WWTV [Cadillac, MI]
3 November 2015

Manistee Police Investigating Razor Blades Found in Halloween Candy

By Veronica Meadows, Producer

The Manistee Police Department is looking into reports about razor blades discovered in Halloween candy.

Chief Dave Bachman says they got calls about two different incidents.

He says the children were trick-or-treating between 10th and 12th Street and High Street.

The chief says a razor blade was smashed in to the center of a Reeses peanut butter cup.

A second blade was discovered in a Laffy Taffy. […]

Global News [Canada]
3 November 2015

Grande Prairie man goes to hospital after eating pill-laced Halloween candy

By Karen Bartko

EDMONTON — One day after Lloydminister RCMP warned of pills being found in Halloween candy, Mounties on the other side of the province are issuing a similar warning.

Grande Prairie RCMP said they received a complaint on Monday from a man who found a pill inside of a Snickers Mini candy bar. The man had eaten half the pill when he noticed the other half inside the chocolate bar.

Police said the candy wrapper appeared to have been opened and resealed.

Mounties don’t yet know what type of pill was in the candy. The male went to hospital as a precautionary measure. […]

WFSB-TV [Hartford, CT]
3 November 2015

Police urge parents to check candy after needle surfaces in Clinton

By WFSB Staff

CLINTON, CT (WFSB) - A child trick or treating in Clinton found a large needle stuffed in a "fun size" candy bar. […]

Neighbors in Clinton told Eyewitness News that they're in disbelief.

"It's horrible," said Hillary Crane of Clinton. "You can't trust anyone these days. You can't even go trick or treating. These poor kids."

Though Halloween has passed, police continue to urge parents to carefully inspect all of the treats brought home from that night.

"When we were kids, you didn't eat the apples because they could put the needles in the apples," Crane said. "And now it's, you just gotta be really careful with anything."

The Press Democrat [Santa Rosa, CA]
3 November 2015

Trick in treats: Exacto-blade found in Sonoma boy's Halloween candy 


Every parent’s worst Halloween nightmare made an appearance Saturday night in Sonoma, when a group of middle-school children returned from an hour of trick-or-treating to discover at least one trick among their treats: a razor blade in a candy bar.

Not just any razor blade, but a slender Exacto-knife blade as used in graphic arts or scrapbooking. And not just any candy bar, but a Butterfinger, according to Frank Gravert, the father of 12-year-old Ottavio.

A group of Ottavio’s friends were comparing the evening’s take on the dining room table, when one said “Hey, look at this!” and pulled out the small sharp blade stuck in the flaky, peanut-butter flavored bar. […]

KAAL-TV [Austin, MN]
2 November 2015

Austin Mom Reports Finding Needle in Halloween Candy

By: Meghan Reistad

(ABC 6 News) -- Police are looking into a report of tampering after an Austin mom says her son's Halloween candy had a needle in it.

Monday morning, Ann Molina says she discovered something quite dangerous in her child's candy.

"It was 6:45 in the morning and he goes, 'Mom, sorry I was trying to sneak out a candy from your bag. Look what I found. I told you I had a strange feeling that one of these candies might be bad.’ It was a big needle and I got scared," said Molina.

While talking with an officer, Molina said she was asked if it was possible her son placed the needle inside the Kit Kat bar.

"But I told him, we don't have those long needles. It's like a construction needle, because they're very big," said Molina. […]

WTTG-TV [Washington, DC]
3 November 2015

Maryland State Police: Sewing needles found in Halloween candy

PRINCE FREDERICK, Md. (AP) — Maryland State Police say a woman found sewing needles in Halloween candy her child had received while trick-or-treating.Troopers say the woman called authorities Monday night when she found the needles while inspecting the candy before letting her child eat it. Authorities say the woman took her children trick-or-treating in Prince Frederick in Calvert County. […]

KVAL-TV [Eugene, OR]
3 November 2015

Police: Girl, 12, bit into sewing needle in Halloween candy

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. - A 12-year-old girl bit into a Snickers bar she got trick-or-treating on Halloween - and found a sewing needle concealed inside the fun-size bar, Springfield Police said.

The child's guardian posted information on Facebook but did not call police until her friends urged her to do so.

Police said they have no evidence at this time where the candy came from or when the tampering took place. An officer took the report November 3, and police released a press release and photographs the same day.

The girl told police she had gone trick-or-treating between the 1200 block of Centennial and the 500 block of W. Centennial, a distance of a little over a mile.

On November 1, the girl bit into the Snickers bar and felt something, she told police. She pulled the bar out of her mouth and saw the needle sticking out of the end.

Niagara Advance [ON]
3 November 2015

Family shaken after blade found in candy

Amelia Veinot is thankful it was her, and not her little brother or sister.

When the teen bit into a Mars bar at her Niagara-on-the-Lake home Monday night, she felt something hard and immediately knew something was not right.

She spit out the mini chocolate bar to discover a pencil sharpener blade that had been stuffed inside.

“I was terrified,” the 14-year-old recalled, adding she thought nothing of eating the candy knowing it came from her quiet neighbourhood.

“What if it had been my four-year-old brother or six-year-old sister? I was happy it was me and not them.” […]

KAKE-TV [Wichita, KS]
3 November 2015

Wichita family finds razor blade in a Halloween candy bar

By: Monica Castro

WICHITA, Kan. -- The bowl of Halloween candy sits pretty full at the Garcia household and that's because the family says they found something unexpected in one of the candy bars

"Like any kid that comes home after Halloween digs in the candy bowl and she kind of unwraps it and just screamed, 'mom you're not going to believe what's in this,'" said Samantha Garcia.

The family shocked to find this after trick-or-treating in Douglass. One of the treats had a razor blade inside of it.

"It's a razor blade in the candy just like the urban legends tell you, watch out for the razor blades and needles in the candy." […]

WPRO Radio [East Providence, RI]
4 November 2015

Pawtucket police investigating Halloween candy with needle

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (AP) – Pawtucket police are investigating after a woman says she found a sewing needle stuck inside a Snickers bar that her daughter got trick-or-treating.

Bridget Burns tells channel 12 that she bit into the candy Monday morning. She says she noticed something silver and then realized it was a needle. […]

CBC News [Canada]
4 November 2015

Needle found in child's Halloween candy at Keele and Lawrence
3-year-old was about to eat chocolate bar

CBC News

The Toronto Police say that on Tuesday night, a three-year-old girl was about to eat a Halloween chocolate bar when she found a needle in it.

The child was not injured.

The incident happened in the Keele Street and Lawrence Avenue West area. […]

KITV-TV [Honolulu, HI]
3 November 2015

New twist in Halloween candy tampering case

By Brenton Awa

HONOLULU - A Hawaii mother's claim that she found sharp objects in her Halloween Candy is under new scrutiny, after a police department in Pennsylvania says the picture she said she took, was actually snapped there by one of their officers.

KITV first interviewed Chelsea Kakae on the Monday after Halloween and she had a shocking story to tell. The Waimanalo resident said she found needles in her family's Halloween candy, after her kids went trick or treating in Kailua and Waianae. […]

So we called Kakae back to explain.  She now says she did not take the picture and she does not know where it came from. […]

CBS11 [Fort Worth, Texas]
3 November 2015

Parent Finds Razor Blade In Store-Bought Halloween Rice Krispies Treat

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Police in Fort Worth have issued a safety warning after a parent found a razor blade in a Halloween Rice Krispies Treat meant for his 4-year-old son.

First it was staples found Monday night in Reese’s peanut butter cups and now, something more sinister.

The Rice Krispies Treat was store bought, not homemade, according to the boy’s parents. The father who cut his finger as he sorted through his child’s candy, said the sugary snack didn’t seem to have been tampered with, at first glance.

“It looks a little thicker than a piece of paper. It’s very, very thin,” said his wife, describing the blade lodged in the middle of the marshmallow and rice cereal confection.

“I got scared because if he hadn’t cut his finger — what if it had been my child’s mouth,” she asked.

The family wants to remain anonymous because they are working with police to help identify the person they believe is responsible — a stranger who made an impression on them for all the wrong reasons.

“He was acting standoffish, like he didn’t want to hand out the candy,” said the Fort Worth mom.

Police said the dangerous treat was likely given out in the Chapel Creek area of Fort Worth near 820 and White Settlement Road. […]

The Valley Breeze [Lincoln, RI]
4 November 2015

Police seek leads on needle found in candy bar

PAWTUCKET – Police detectives in Pawtucket say they’re following up every lead as they try to learn who stuck a sewing needle into a chocolate bar and then handed it out on Halloween night.

Detective Capt. John Seebeck said police are treating the incident “pretty seriously” after hearing from a woman on the east side of the city who claimed to have discovered the needle after biting into her child’s candy bar Monday morning.

According to Seebeck, detectives have taken dozens of statements from children and parents who were out trick-or-treating that night, but still have no leads on where the candy bar or needle came from. Police fumed the candy wrapper for prints, but the tests came back negative, said Seebeck. […]

Bucks County Courier Times [Levittown, PA]
4 November 2015

Bristol Borough girl bites into razor blade in Hershey bar

BRISTOL BOROUGH — A Bristol Borough girl bit into a Hershey candy bar Tuesday and found a razor blade, Police Chief Arnold Porter said.

Porter said the girl's family came to headquarters Tuesday night to report the incident.

The girl was not injured, he said.

Porter said the girl got the candy bar, Hershey's Dark Chocolate, while trick or treating on Halloween in the borough, but the exact location was not known. […]

Tyler Star News [Sistersville, WV]
3 November 2015

Razor Blade Found In Halloween Candy In Middlebourne

Tyler County Sheriff's Department reported that a piece of a razor blade was discovered within a candy bar gathered during trick-or-treating.

Sheriff Bob Kendle said a concerned mother of Middlebourne, who was inspecting her childrens' candy Thursday, found a piece of a disposable razor blade in a bite-sized Snickers bar, according to a press release issued Saturday by the sheriff's department. The woman's name has not been released to the media. […]

WAVE [Louisville, KY]
5 November 2015

Trick in treat: Hardin Co. mom finds needle in daughter's Halloween candy

By Joey Brown

VINE GROVE, KY (WAVE) - The head of a Hardin County police department says there isn't much he can do about finding the person who stuck a sewing needle in a 5-year-old girl's Halloween candy.

Vine Grove Police Chief Kenneth Mattingly said Zaylee Rayls' mother told officers her daughter trick-or-treated at 20 to 25 homes on Saturday and then went to a trunk-or-treat event at a community church.

The next day, Zaylee unwrapped a candy bar that was in her Halloween stash and then decided not to eat it, the child's mother Rebecca Rayls told investigators, so Rebecca decided to eat the candy herself. She told police she bit onto a sewing needle that was embedded in the candy bar. She wasn't injured. […]

Rayls notified police but a report was not filed, Mattingly said.

WJAR-TV [Providence, RI]
5 November 2015

Family finds needle in Halloween candy

By Brian Crandall

Caramel, nougat, and a needle.

The DeBold family of West Warwick claims they got a surprise in a Snickers bar, a needle.

Mom Kim says she had warned the kids before eating Halloween candy.

"I said, you know, just to be safe, break the candy in half before you bite into anything," DeBold told NBC 10.

13-year-old Madison says she did just that.

"I just opened it and there was a needle in it and I was like, uh, dad," Madison said.

"There were no breaks in the package, no holes, no nothing," Kim said. […]

WBOC-TV [Salisbury, MD]
5 November 2015

Salisbury Police: Sewing Needle Found in Candy; All a Hoax

SALISBURY, Md. - An incident in Salisbury after Halloween, left parents frantically checking their children's candy after a report that a sewing needle was found in a Twizzler. It turns out, it was all a hoax.

Salisbury Police said Monday that a 15-year-old boy claimed he was attempting to eat the candy he got while trick-or-treating over the weekend, when he found a sewing needle lodged inside a single piece of a Twizzler candy. Police say the boy alerted his parents who in turn contacted the police department, who then launched an investigation.

On Thursday, Salisbury Police said the boy recanted his original statement and said the incident was just a prank, one that he never thought would extend past his family. Police said the boy told them he had no intent to create public fear.

The case will be forwarded to the Department of Juvenile Services for review, according to police.

Also Thursday, WBOC confirmed that police in Delmar, Maryland are investigating a similar incident in their area. Chief Ivan Barkley said the received a report Monday night from a concerned parent that a 9-year-old boy had found, what the police report described as, "a piece of metal" in a piece of Twizzler twist candy. WBOC brought the Salisbury incident to the Chief's attention, who said they are continuing to investigate. The chief added that the Delmar incident seemed to be an isolated incident.

Sonoma Index-Tribune [CA]
5 November 2015

Second tainted candy incident ‘not credible,’ say Sonoma police



News that a Sonoma boy had found a razor blade in his “fun-size” Butterfinger candy bar on Halloween grew into a regional story after it was published in Tuesday’s Index-Tribune. It was picked up first by the Press Democrat, and later the Sacramento Bee and SFGate, the online presence of the San Francisco Chronicle, among others.

Channel 5 KPIX-TV even ran a news story that included an interview with Frank Gravatt, who posted the incident on his Facebook page, and Sonoma Police Sgt. Spencer Crum.

The next day, Nov. 4, the principal of St. Francis Solano School sent an email message to parents saying a sixth-grader had found a sewing needle in another “fun size” candy bar, this time a Snickers. Coming on the heels of the earlier story, it thrust Sonoma trick-or-treaters into a rare, if unwanted, celebrity.

But on Thursday, Principal Debbie Picard informed parents that the incident had been deemed “not credible” by the officer who spoke with the boy, suggesting it was a prank.

The parents and child in the first incident have also been interviewed, according to Sonoma Police Chief Bret Sackett. “At this point in time, we have nothing to deny the allegations, but we don’t have any additional information to confirm it either,” said Sackett. “As such, the case has been suspended pending additional investigative leads.” […]

Penn Live [PA]
6 November 2015

Piece of Halloween candy reportedly tampered with in Lower Paxton Township: Police

Joe Elias

A piece of metal was found in a piece of Halloween candy by a parent in Lower Paxton Township, according to township police.

The tainted candy, a bite size Almond Joy, was found by a resident of Harrise Drive, police said. Police made the announcement on Thursday. […]

Herald Mail [Hagerstown, MD]
6 November 2015

Needle found in halloween candy in Bunker Hill area

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — After a needle was found in a piece of candy, West Virginia State Police are reminding residents to thoroughly check all candy collected during recent Halloween trick-or-treating.

On Thursday, state police received a report of candy tampering from a Berkeley County resident, where "a needle was discovered concealed in a piece of candy," according to a news release.

The needle, described as a sewing needle, was found in candy that was received by a trick-or-treater in the area of Pinnacle Drive in Bunker Hill, W.Va., police said. […]

Daily Local [West Chester, PA]
6 November 2015

UPDATED: DA: No charges in candy story hoax

By Andy Hachadorian, Daily Local News

KENNETT SQUARE -- The Chester County District Attorney and Kennett Square Borough police have announced that the reports of tainted Halloween candy in Southern Chester County were false.

According to District Attorney Tom Hogan, the two children who reported the incident have both recanted their statements. There were no needles in any Halloween candy distributed in Kennett Square.

“Sometimes proving that a crime did not happen is as important as proving that a crime did happen,” said District Attorney Tom Hogan. “In this case, law enforcement treated the initial report seriously, notified the community for the sake of safety, but kept doggedly investigating the matter. As a result of that persistence, we are now able to assure the citizens of Kennett Square that nobody was trying to harm any children by tampering with Halloween candy.”

Kennett Square Police Chief Edward Zunino added that his department was glad to find that there was nothing sinister on Halloween night in his municipality.

“We are relieved to find out that nobody was trying to hurt kids in Kennett Square. We are a safe and vibrant community, and we protect our children,” said Zunino.

This incident was investigated by the Kennett Square Borough Police Department and the Chester County Detectives.

Police said that around midnight on Nov. 1, Kennett Square Borough Police Department received a report that sewing needles had been found in candy bars by children who had been trick-or-treating on Halloween the night before. One child triggered the report.

Upon learning of the incident, the police informed the public of the potential risk and instructed the community to contact authorities with reports of any further incidents, police said. Shortly thereafter, another needle in Halloween candy was reported to police by a second child from Kennett Square.

The Kennett Square Police Department, with assistance from the Chester County Detectives, investigateed the reports. The police interviewed family members multiple times, canvassed the neighborhoods where the kids had been trick-or-treating, re-interviewed the reporting children, processed evidence recovered in the investigation, and even dug through trash dumpsters to recover other candy that had been discarded by the reporting children.

While reviewing the trash, police discovered a spool of thread among the discarded candy from the first reporting child, leading to questions about whether the child may have taken the needles from a home sewing kit. Both families were cooperative throughout the investigation and were helpful in uncovering the truth, Hogan stated.

In the first incident, an 11-year old girl took several needles from her mother’s sewing kit and hid them in Twix bars. She did this after seeing a photograph of needles in candy shown to her by an adult who was advising her to be safe while trick-or-treating. She then fabricated the needles in a candy bar story to her parents, who rightfully reported the incident to police, according to Hogan.

The second incident involved a 12-year old boy hearing the reports about the first incident and then imitating what had been reported. The young boy inserted a needle inside of a Snickers bar and showed his older sister, who promptly reported it to the police, according to investigators.

Hogan said both children fully recanted their initial reports. They both gave complete statements to the police, with the last statement being completed in the evening hours of Nov. 5, 2015.

The DA said that based on the ages of the children involved, the cooperation of their families, and other mitigating factors, no formal charges will be filed against the children. The children will be dealt with by their parents, he said, adding that both families apologized for the incident, understanding the serious impact it had on the community.

“Law enforcement is always in a difficult situation in these potential hoax cases, which seem to occur every year,” said Hogan. “The public has to be notified immediately as a matter of safety. However, as anybody who has raised kids knows, it sometimes takes some work and time to get the full truth behind an initial story. In this case, law enforcement and the media did a sound job of balancing the need for safety with pursuing the ultimate truth. At this point, we are simply glad that we can assure the parents and children of Chester County that Halloween remains a safe and fun event.”

The Dallas Morning News | 6 November 2015

Fort Worth man arrested after confessing to razor in Halloween candy hoax

Matt Peterson

A Fort Worth man has been arrested after police say he confessed to putting his own razor blade in his children’s Halloween candy.

Charles Pruitt, 33, faces a charge of filing a false report because he initially said someone else tainted the Rice Krispies Treat, according to police records. He spent Thursday night in the Fort Worth Jail.

Pruitt and his wife contacted police Saturday saying he cut his finger while sorting through candy after a night of trick-or-treating. He said the blade was protruding from a treat his kids were given at a house near North Elementary School.

Later, during a tearful confession, he admitted he cut himself while removing the blade from his own razor.

It’s unclear whether Pruitt knew the man he initially accused of handing out the treats. That man told police he gave out an assortment of candy that night, but never Rice Krispy Treats.

Police searched that man’s home and found nothing but later searched Pruitt’s home and found a dismantled Gillette Fusion Pro Glide.

CBC News
6 November 2015

Halloween candy tampering suspected in Cape Breton
Small wire pieces found in caramels by father in Cantley Village subdivision of Coxheath, near Sydney

Cape Breton Regional Police are investigating a report of Halloween candy tampering.

Police spokeswoman Shannon Kerr said a parent in the Cantley Village neighbourhood of Coxheath, near Sydney, contacted investigators Friday after his daughter reportedly found two pieces of wire, each about six millimetres long, inside caramel candy.

The parent told police his daughter trick-or-treated on Anderson Avenue, McKinley Drive, Doyle Avenue, MacKenzie Drive, Keefe Avenue, and Sharples Avenue in Cantley Village. […]

KRON-TV [San Francisco]
6 November 2015

Report: Child finds needle in 3 Musketeers Halloween candy in Concord

By Vince Cestone, KRON and Maureen Kelly

CONCORD (KRON) — Parents in Concord might want to double check their children’s leftover Halloween candy.

A disturbing report circulated online said a child found a needle in a 3 Musketeers candy bar. The story was posted on the Claycord news blog.

A parent, who asked to remain anonymous, sent in a picture that shows the remains of a 3 Musketeers bar. And the picture showed a needle that was reportedly lodged in the candy. […]

Toronto Star

7 November 2015

Toronto police investigating after another metal object found in Halloween candy

By: Vjosa Isai
Staff Reporter

As this year’s trick-or-treaters slowly make their way through Halloween goodies, police continue to warn parents to check their kids’ candy.

Police announced another mischief investigation on Saturday after an 11-year-old girl bit into a chocolate bar and discovered a razor blade hidden inside. The girl collected her candy in the area between College and Dundas streets, and Manning and Palmerston Aves. […]

Hawaii News Now
9 November 2015

Police: 5th case of Halloween candy tampering reported

By Chelsea Davis

Be careful with those leftover Halloween treats.

A week after the holiday, police are investigating a new report of a needle hidden inside a candy bar. Honolulu police say it is the fifth case of candy tampering reported, but the first in Waimanalo.

Thomas Na-o Jr. said his eight-year-old daughter found the needle when she opened a Snickers "fun size" candy bar Friday night. […]

Cold Lake Sun [Alberta]
9 November 2015

RCMP investigating pills found in candy

By Peter Lozinski, Cold Lake Sun

The Bonnyville RCMP is investigating a report of a white pill found in Halloween candy.

The white pill may have been found stuffed inside a chewy fruity type of candy similar to a Starburst. The pill is oval, of typical size with the letters APO on one side. […]

City News [Toronto] | 10 November 2015

Sewing needle, staple, found in Halloween candy

Toronto police have issued a warning for parents after a sewing needle and a staple were found in Halloween candy.

It is at least the ninth and tenth cases of Halloween candy tampering in southern Ontario this year.

The sewing needle was just discovered on Monday evening. Police say a 14-year-old boy had been trick-or-treating in the Glenholme Avenue and Vaughan Road area.

He bit into a chocolate bar round 6 p.m. and discovered the needle. He was not hurt.

The staple was found by the parents of a nine-year-old girl.

She had been trick-or-treating near Kipling Avenue and Brookmere Road. Her parents found a chocolate bar with a slightly torn wrapper and when they opened up the bar, they found a staple embedded in the centre.

The girl was not injured. […]

Kawartha Lakes This Week [ON]
3 November 2015

Kawartha Lakes OPP investigating report of nail found in Halloween candy
Police say a grandparent discovered a finishing nail in candy from Little Britain

KAWARTHA LAKES - City of Kawartha Lakes OPP are investigating a report of a finishing nail found in Halloween candy given out in Little Britain.

OPP say they received the complaint after a careful grandparent noticed a hole in the wrapper of a two-inch chocolate bar and discovered a finishing nail imbedded in the treat.

Constable Jackie Hildenbrand has confirmed the treat in this incident was a CRUNCH chocolate bar but she stresses parents should be wary of all varieties of Halloween treats. […]

Toronto Sun
7 November 2015

More drugs found in Pickering Halloween candy


Moms and dads in a Pickering neighbourhood are being warned to check their kids' Halloween candy following numerous new cases of cold medication found by parents in their little ones' treats.

Durham police received the first such report on Wednesday from the parents of a Grade 5 student at Valley Farm Public School who had found a Dayquil tablet inside a sealed box of Smarties.

Since then four more cases have been confirmed, all involving the cold and flu medication in Halloween-sized boxes of Smarties.

Police say the dangerous prank seems to be confined to kids who trick-or-treated on Beaton Way and Shay Dr., northwest of Brock Rd. and Finch Ave. They are urging parents to open and inspect all the candy their children collected on Halloween night.

Lafayette Journal & Courier [IN]
11 November 2015

Lafayette teenager finds needle in her Snickers

Joseph Paul

When Kristyn White's daughter reached for a Snickers leftover from Halloween, she bit into more than chocolate, caramel and peanuts.

She also found a sewing needle.

The 17-year-old wasn't injured and hasn't fallen ill, White told the Journal & Courier outside her Lafayette home on North 16th Street.  "But it was still scary," she said. […]

Toronto Sun
11 November 2015

Origins of Halloween candy tampering tough to trace: Police

By Shawn Jeffords, Toronto Sun

TORONTO - While a rash of Halloween candy tampering cases are under investigation, a Toronto Police officer admits the cases are difficult to crack.

Const. Victor Kwong said investigators face a number of challenges in finding the sources of the tainted treats at the centre of five cases under investigation by Toronto’s police force.

“There are difficulties in the investigation,” he added. “When kids are trick or treating, it all goes in the same bag. There’s little way to know which street it came from.

“We don’t know if ... it was the person who gave out the treat,” he added. “It could have been at the point of sale. It could be at the point of manufacturing. Or, it could be completely a hoax to us.” […]

12 November 2015

NYSP investigating razor blade found in Halloween candy

By Anna Norris

Town of Roxbury, NY (WBNG Binghamton) -- A Delaware County resident reported finding a razor blade inside a bag of Sour Skittles.

The resident, who lives on Maple Lane in the Town of Roxbury, told New York State Police the skittles had been obtained while trick or treating.

The blade found was similar to one from an X-Acto knife, state police said.

Troopers say it appears the bag of candy had been completely sealed prior to being opened on Nov. 9.

The skittles have been traced back to being bought at CVS Pharmacy on Bridge Street in the Town of Margaretville. So far, the source of the razor blade has not been identified and the investigation is continuing. […]

WPXI-TV [Pittsburgh]
13 November 2015

Girl charged after lying about razor blade hidden in Halloween candy

INDIANA, Pa. — The Indiana County district attorney confirmed Friday that charges were filed against a 16-year-old girl who told police she cut her mouth on a razor blade inside a piece of Halloween candy.

The girl is charged in juvenile court with making false reports. The charge stems from an incident on Halloween when the girl told police she got cut from a razor hidden inside a piece of chewing gum. […]

The BayNet [Hollywood, MD]
1 December 2015

By The BayNet Staff/Maryland State Police

Prince Frederick, MD - The Maryland State Police, Prince Frederick Barrack reported Tuesday, Dec. 1 that a report that needles had been placed in Halloween candy and distributed in a Prince Frederick subdivision was false.

Authorities reported that “through extensive investigation, Tfc. Matthews was able to obtain a confession from the complainant stating she had placed needles in the Halloween candy.  The case is being reviewed by the State’s Attorney’s Office. This clears any wrong doing by the residents of the Patuxent View neighborhood.” […]

The BayNet [Hollywood, MD]
18 December 2015

By Marty Madden

Huntingtown, MD - A Calvert County woman who reported her daughter was given a candy bar that contained a sewing needle now faces a single charge of making a false statement to a police officer.

According to a report on file at District Court of Maryland for Calvert County, the woman—identified as Holly Waters, 30 of Huntingtown—was formally cited for the violation Dec. 5 and served papers regarding the charge Dec. 14. […]