Saturday, November 14, 2015

Child Abductions at Spur Restaurants (South Africa)

IOL News [South Africa]
18 March 2014

By Sapa

Johannesburg - Restaurant group Spur has denied allegations relating to a text message doing the rounds that a suspicious woman allegedly preying on young children on the West Rand asked a worker to throw a child over a wall for R2 000. […]

IOL News [South Africa]
18 March 2014


Johannesburg - West Rand residents have been sending out warning messages on social media to alert each other of a possible kidnapper in their midst.

An incident last Thursday sparked numerous allegations about a woman who might be preying on young children.

According to online posts by concerned residents, the woman is believed to have been spotted at two schools and two restaurants on the West Rand. […]

The Citizen [Johannesburg, South Africa]
14 November 2015

Gopolang Chawane

A persisting urban legend about children being abducted from Spu [sic] playing areas has the restaurant chain at its wits end.

Chief operating officer Mark Farrelly said these stories were untrue, groundless and mischievous.

“We have heard this rumour before. But just as it surfaced years ago without grounds, it remains groundless.”

Reports about several apparent abduction attempts in and around Pretoria the past few weeks appear to have sparked a repeat of the rumour about the so-called Spur abductions.

Some users of social media have gone as far as suggesting that waiters at the Spur are actually being paid to distract patrons while their children are being abducted. […]