Saturday, November 7, 2015

Giving Her the Finger

The Advocate [Baton Rouge, LA]
7 November 2015

By Anders Smiley

Missing the ring

Dear Smiley: Mom told me this story about my granddaddy:

Partway through his career, Granddaddy moved his family to Ithaca, New York, so he could return to Cornell for advanced studies. He wanted to specialize in surgery. In school he spent a lot of time with cadavers.

One day he came home with a small, blue box bearing the coveted Tiffany name, and handed it to Grandmommy.

“Brought you a little something,” he said.

Anticipating perhaps a bracelet, Grandmommy eagerly opened the box, and found...a finger!

Granddaddy was a big man, so Grandmommy, at 4 feet 11 inches, probably didn’t inflict much damage as she tried to beat him up.