Saturday, November 7, 2015

Spook Fiddles

Chad Lewis, Hidden Headlines of Texas (Eau Claire, WI: Unexplained Research Publishing Company, 2007), 31.

The Galveston (Texas) Daily News, 21 April 1893, p. 6.

Hawk Eye’s Experience with an Aeolian Spook Fiddle

VAN ALSTYNE, Grayson Co., Tex., April 19. – A young writing master from Denison commenced a writing class at Hawk Eye schoolhouse, near here. A crowd of boys of the neighborhood conceived the idea of having some fun at the expense of the young professor. They procured a spool of thread and unwinding what they needed attached one end to a nail under the eaves of the roof, then getting sufficient distance from the house to avoid detection began rubbing the string vigorously with a piece of rosin. It had the desired effect. A general stampede ensued among the scholars, during which they tumbled over each other promiscuously in trying to make their exit from the haunted building. The young professor drew his pistol and fired three shots through the roof and ran from the house yelling and firing his pistol at every step. As the result of having a little fun the boys were arrested for malicious mischief, while the professor is charged with carrying a pistol. They will have their trials here Saturday.

Chad Arment, The Historical Bigfoot (Landisville, PA: Coachwhip Publications, 2006), 34.

Kansas City (Missouri) Star, December 30, 1936.

Spook Identified

The far-famed mysterious animal that had caused bad cases of jitters among farmers in the vicinity of Erie has at last been identified as a young farmer near there, who rigged up an empty barrel and a rosined string. Modern youth, with their picture shows, dances and nickel games wouldn’t recognize the contraption if they saw one, but years ago, “smart alec” boys would rig up a tin can and a rosined string which would produce weird howls when the string stretched taut was rubbed. And the quietness of summer nights in the little country towns of long ago was frequently disturbed in this manner. And so the famous Erie mystery is solved! What a disappointment to the dozens of farmer youth who have scoured the countryside in vain in the last few weeks with their trail hounds and shotguns! – Ben S. Hudson in Fredonia Herald.