Monday, November 9, 2015

Ebola-infected Blood in Pepsi

New Indian Express
9 November 2015

By Express News Service

CHENNAI: Earlier this week, there were messages going viral all over Whatsapp and Facebook. It read that a worker had added his Ebola-infected blood in several beverages including Pepsi. At the end it added that, ‘if you love your life do not drink any of these’. While it sounds ridiculous, many fell for the hoax.

“My mother gave away my one litre Pepsi bottle to our maid after reading this message, because of the Ebola scare. I kept insisting that it was just a hoax, but she refused to believe it and she even reprimanded my brother for taking my side,” said Mansi Agarwal, an IT professional.

The same message went viral in 2011 as well; only difference was the man had AIDS and not Ebola. “The worst thing is that these messages also say that they have been published in the media, and we end up believing them as we do not watch TV news regularly,” she added. […]