Thursday, October 30, 2008

Abduction Panic (Jamaica, 2008)

Jamaica Observer
30 October 2008

'We don't know about that'
Westmoreland police can't confirm kidnapping rumours

Observer West reporter

The Westmoreland police say they have no evidence to substantiate rumours that four HIV/AIDS-stricken men are kidnapping students from a number of schools. [...]
Jamaica Gleaner
4 November 2008
Students fearful
Shelly-Ann Thompson

A STATE of fear has gripped young professionals-in-training at the two major universities of the Corporate Area in light of the recent attacks on the island's women and children. [...]
Jamaica Gleaner
7 November 2008
Fear grips schools - Students dread abduction; education ministry establishes security measures
Edmond Campbell and Petrina Francis, Staff Reporters
Jamaica Gleaner
8 November 2008
False reports strain JCF: Abductions on the decrease - police
Shelly-Ann Thompson, Staff Reporter
Jamaica Gleaner
9 November 2008
Hunt on for abductors: 'Bigga' Ford heads task force to nab rapists, criminals
Glenroy Sinclair, Assignment Coordinator [Barbados]
12 November 2008

Jamaica PM appeals for calm amid abduction claims

KINGSTON, Jamaica, November 12, 2008 - Jamaica's Prime Minister Bruce Golding has appealed for calm in the wake of reports of the abduction of children from schools across the island and has sought to reassure the country that the security forces have stepped up their vigilance.

He said he was assured at an emergency meeting with the Ministers of Education and National Security, the High command of the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF), the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) and other stakeholders that ongoing investigations so far show that "there is a significant gap between the reality and the perception". [...]

Jamaica Observer
14 November 2008

Shadow of the 'Black Heart Man'


FACT OR FICTION, rumour or reality? Reports of abductions of children and young women are reaching epidemic proportions. [...]

A certain email now in circulation claims that a family, while enjoying the simple pleasure of dining out on hamburgers, were set upon by young men who took away two young girls and raped them. [...]

FINGERS ARE POINTED at different sources. Taxi-men, in particular, are getting a bad rap (not that some of them haven't earned it), as it is widely held that some, at least, are involved in the evil. [...]

There's also the allegation that the attack on youngsters has links to gang initiation rites. No evidence has been adduced that this is true. [...]