Monday, October 13, 2008

Man's Photo Added to Gang Initiation Text Message

WDIV-TV [Detroit]
7 October 2008

Man Says He Is Victim Of Local Text Hoax

DETROIT -- A local man said he wants to clear his name after his picture was attached to a threatening text message.

Cordell Battle of Oak Park said his face is showing up on cell phones with text messages painting him as a threat, but he says he's the victim of a hoax.

The text message warns women could be shot and killed in a gang initiation.

A similar text spread panic and fear through Pontiac last month. Now just weeks later, it's the same message, but this time a picture of Battle is attached to the text message. [...]

Independent Collegian [University of Toledo, OH]
13 October 2008

Texting hoax threatens violence

IC Staff

A text message threatening violence was sent out to a number of UT students over the past week.

The message showed a picture of a man and stated that his initiation task to join a gang was to shoot a female in the head. It was also stated that he would be riding a bicycle[.] [...]