Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Double Dream

John Robert Colombo, Mysterious Encounters (Willowdale, Ont.: Hounslow Press, 1990), pp. 142-3.

The Double Dream

Audrey Soltys

[...] Mrs. Soltys wrote up her experience for George Gamester, the noted columnist with the Toronto Star, who devoted a series of columns to just such accounts. He called the series "Tell Us Your Eerie Tales," and published "The Double Dream" on 7 July 1989.

Mrs. Soltys is a graduate of the University of Manchester in England. She has travelled around the world with her husband M. A. Soltys, a microbiologist, and their children. She now lives in Guelph, On. In a letter she sent to me on 27 June 1989, she explained the following:

The incident happened in Melaka (Malacca) in 1975. I can't recall the season as Malaysia has an average temperature of about 32 [degrees] year round, hot and humid. Our friends were looking in town at some apartments, which were too small, and at some houses, which were too big, which was why they went the next day to a different neighbourhood.

While staying in Malaysia, we became friends with a young couple named Omar and Sharifah who were looking for a house.

One day, when we were going through an older, more traditional area outside the town, Sharifah clutched her husband's arm and said: "Look at that sweet little house. I dreamed last night of a house exactly like that."

As we approached, we saw an old man sweeping the walk. The moment he spotted us, he rushed inside.

Omar knocked at the door and told the man: "Don't be afraid."

The old man replied: "I'm not afraid of you. It's that woman. Last night I dreamed she came to steal my house."
Andrew Lang, The Book of Dreams and Ghosts (1897)

The story of the lady who often dreamed of a house, and when by chance she found and rented it was recognised as the ghost who had recently haunted it, is good, but is an invention!