Friday, October 17, 2008

Clown Tries to Abduct Kids (Chicago),clown100508.article

Chicago Sun-Times
5 October 2008

Man in clown costume approaches children on W. Side


Police are searching for a man apparently dressed as a clown that has been approaching children near the West Sides Garfield Park neighborhood. [...]
17 October 2008

2 More Sightings Of Clown Trying To Lure Kids
But Police Cast Doubt On Some Clown Reports

CHICAGO (CBS) - Two more children have told police they were approached by a sinister man dressed as a clown, after several other such incidents were reported. [...]

While police are taking the incidents seriously, a police source close to the investigation told CBS 2's Mike Parker that past scares involving men dressed as clowns have cast some doubt on some the current claims.

A police source said at this point, the latest reports are being investigated accordingly and cannot be dismissed. But another source close to the investigation said the two reports from the city's West Side are now believed to be bogus. [...]
WBBM-TV [Chicago]
16 October 2008
Man Dressed As Clown Stalking Kids
Steve Miller Reporting,clown-abduction-children-101408.article
Chicago Sun-Times
14 October 2008
Clown attempts to lure children into vehicle with balloons