Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Looks Like Greece


Playbill [NY]
14 October 2008

ONSTAGE & BACKSTAGE: Wright On (and Off) Fire Island

By Seth Rudetsky

[Rudetsky interviewed soprano Barbara Cook by telephone.]

[...] I decided to ask Barbra [sic] about a show she rarely discusses, Carrie. A lot of people have forgotten that she played the mother in the RSC production in London. She finally verified a story I always thought was a Broadway urban legend. During pre-production, the director met with the producer, who felt that the scariness in the movie was from the fact that this kind of horror could take place in any high school in America, so the producer suggested that the show have the look of Grease. The director readily agreed and came back weeks later with the set and costume drawings. The producer looked at it all and asked, "Why all the columns? Why is everything white?" and the director said, "I took your advice. It all looks like Greece!" Seriously! [...]