Monday, August 25, 2008

Nauseated Woman's Revenge on Uncaring Bus Passenger

Sydney Morning Herald
26 August 2008

Column 8

[...] "Isha's comments reminded me of a lovely story I heard about a pregnant lady on the Gosford-to-Sydney train," writes Alison Webster, of Westleigh (Rude blokes not offering seats, Column 8, yesterday). "Unlike Isha, she was not obviously pregnant but was feeling very nauseous and unwell, and asked a gentleman if he would mind giving up his seat for her. He said he wouldn't, and several other passengers offered her a seat -- she declined. About two minutes later, she threw up into the gentleman's lap and when he tried to stand up, the other passengers wouldn't let him. He had to sit with vomit on his lap all the way to Sydney. Served him right, I say!" [...]