Saturday, August 23, 2008

Gang Initiation: Brick Through Windshield

The Oklahoman
21 August 2008

E-mail chain spurs panic, Oklahoma City police warn

By Michael Kimball and Ken Raymond
Staff Writers

An e-mail detailing a woman's harrowing encounter with teenage vandals is spreading across the Oklahoma City area — but police say there's no need to worry.

Misty LaFave e-mailed friends and family members Tuesday about an incident that occurred as she was driving on Wilshire Boulevard near Western Avenue. According to the e-mail, LaFave was driving with her child when two teenagers jumped into the road and hurled a brick at her windshield. She continued driving and called 911.

According to the e-mail, a police officer told LaFave it was a "gang thing” targeting single women in order to get them outside their cars to be robbed or killed. [...]