Thursday, August 28, 2008

Free Key Rings = Tracking Devices

The Mail & Guardian [South Africa]
28 August 2008

The great keyring paranoia prank


Jozi is a dangerous city indeed: not only are its residents preyed upon by vicious hijackers, but the cunning criminals now plant tracking devices in their victims' cars by handing them "free" key rings at traffic intersections.

The tale of the techno-savvy car thieves did the rounds on email this week. "Kindly refuse them as you would be able to be followed if you accept it [the key ring]. Please pass this on," the message adds helpfully. [...]

The Independent on Saturday [South Africa]
30 August 2008

Caltex hit by urban myth

By Fiona Gounden

E-mails flying through the electronic ether in South Africa warning of "tracking devices" fitted into free key rings are false and fuel retailer Caltex is infuriated that its promotion at service stations has become a victim of urban myth.

The chain e-mails warn motorists against taking these free key rings from petrol attendants because "electronic gadgetry" was giving off a signal that could "be traceable". [...]