Friday, August 22, 2008

Ice Storm to Blame for Baby Boom? (Pratt, KS)

Pratt Tribune [KS]
21 August 2008

Ice storm to blame for baby boom?

By Carol Bronson
The Pratt Tribune

Twenty-four little guys and girls have been born in Pratt during the first three weeks of August, positioning Pratt Regional Medical Center to tie or break its record of 33 babies in one month set in June 1960 and tied in September 2005. [...]

Ice storm babies? No one is saying so officially, but the sly explanation around town and even at the hospital is that more than the usual number of babies were conceived during an ice storm that hit Pratt last Dec. 10 and suspended electrical power in the town for a few days, up to a week in places, and for longer than that in outlying areas. [...]