Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bottle Caps Collected for Cancer Treatment (W. Va.)


The Charleston Gazette [WV]
18 August 2008

Va. bottle cap drive for cancer a hoax

By The Associated Press

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. -- A bizarre hoax has fooled residents across West Virginia who thought they were helping raise money for cancer patients.

Churches, restaurants and businesses from Wheeling to Bluefield have been collecting plastic bottle caps, fueled by flyers that claim the caps can be redeemed for money to pay for cancer treatment. [...]


Register-Herald [Beckley, WV]
19 August 2008

Bottle cap hoax upsets residents, but shows how much folks care

Audrey Stanton
Register-Herald Features Editor

If plastic bottle caps could help cancer victims receive chemotherapy treatments, many southern West Virginia residents would benefit.

Unfortunately, plastic bottle caps don't do anything more than keep liquids from spilling.

When news broke Monday confirming that collection of such caps to help raise money for cancer patients was a hoax, area stores and businesses did away with collection bins that sometimes held thousands of pop bottle lids. [...]