Thursday, August 21, 2008

Greek Rumors about Chinese Goods

The Economist [UK]
21 August 2008

Doing business for aeons

The lofty theory, and tough reality, of a link between two peoples who have always known the meaning of diaspora

[...] Compared with the Albanian builders and Filipino nurses who also live in Athens, the city's Chinese community is elusive. The lanterns that mark out Chinese shops are easy to spot -- but the number of Chinese people visible on the street, or even at the till, is small.

This "invisibility" fuels many myths, says Tracey Rosen, a doctoral student who is studying the 30,000 or so Chinese who live in Greece. There are rumours that all their merchandise is made on ships on the high seas, where no labour laws apply, and that it can be dangerous -- televisions that explode, underwear that gives you a rash. [...]