Saturday, October 6, 2007

Woman's Hair Caught in Man's Fly

Green Bay Press-Gazette [WI]
6 October 2007

Failth [sic -- bc] Perspectives: Want to get away? Spend some time at church

By Rev. Mark Schmechel

[...] I have a friend who tells a true story of a guy on a first date with his new girlfriend at the movies. As they are enjoying the movie he realizes that his zipper is unzipped. Embarrassed, he decides that he will tell his girlfriend he's going to the bathroom and as he stands up he will zip it up with no one noticing and be on his way.

But as he stood up and started zipping, he heard a loud scream from the person in front of him. It was a woman with long hair. He had zipped her hair in his pants! If that wasn't embarrassing enough, no one could get her hair out of his zipper, and they had to stop the movie, turn on the house lights and bring him scissors! [...]