Thursday, October 11, 2007


29 Sept 2007

Witches Storm Ghana For Conference

[A global congress of witches is to be held in Ghana to celebrate their evil machinations. "In keeping with the witches’ agenda, 1,000,154 people would be killed worldwide through road accidents, rape, murder and armed robbery. For Ghana, the organizers of the annual global congress insist they want to make the meeting a memorable one and are therefore requesting heavy loss of lives on the nation’s roads."]

The Statesman [Ghana]
10 Oct 2007

'Witches' to cause mayhem at CAN 2008!

Gabriel Amoah

The Ghana 2008 African Cup of Nations scheduled for January next year has hit a bizarre and hilarious snag, as it is claimed to have been targeted by 'witches' all over the world as their platform to cause mayhem among sports fans who will witness the tournament, if the impending witches conference due for the middle of this month is allowed to come off. [...]