Friday, October 12, 2007

Dwarf Mechanic Mistaken for "Abducted" Boy

National Post [Canada]
5 Oct 2007

The dwarf mechanic
Getting to the bottom of an urban legend yields surprising results

Peter Kenter, CanWest News Service

[News reports that an apparently kidnapped child in Bremen, Germany, who was seen being locked in a car trunk, but who turned out to be a dwarf mechanic checking out the car's rattle, were doubted by the reporter. He then contacted the Bremen police, who surprisingly confirmed the tale.]
Ananova [UK]
30 May 2007
Dwarf mechanic mistaken for 'abducted' boy
Gyles Brandreth, The Book of Mistaikes. London: Futura, 1982, p. 136.

In March 1977, police in Dover, Kent, were contacted by an hysterical woman who had just seen a car driving along at great speed with a body sticking out of the boot. Fortunately she had the presence of mind to take down the car's number and in a matter of minutes the police were able to trace it. Sure enough there were two legs sticking out of the boot. They stopped the car and were about to arrest the driver when the 'body' climbed out of the boot. He was a garage mechanic who was listening for a rattling noise that only occurred when the car was in motion.