Friday, October 12, 2007

Human Sacrifices

[Press Release] 12 October 2007

Satanist [sic] in America is on the Rise With Millions Captured in Spiritual Slavery

Jacksonville, Florida (PRWEB) October 12, 2007 -- Pat Holliday's New Book, Solitary Satanist, describes a man ensnared by the threatening power Satanism. [...] The focus of this book [...] reveals the deadly consequences demonic supernatural powers upon Jeff Bates' (not his real name) life. [...] Bates tells of sacrificing animals and torturing people and eventually dropping into human sacrifices. [...]

[Excerpt from Pat Holliday's description of The Walking Dead, another of her books.]

The Walking Dead

Fiendish devil-worshiping cultists are on the verge of spawning an insane bloodbath of murder and terror in cities and towns across the country. Recently, while I was evangelizing in Miami, a young girl who had escaped from a group of Satan worshipers told a frightening tale of human sacrifice and kidnapping: "They find old people who have no relatives and put them in cages. They torture them with hot irons and within three days their hair will actually turn snow white from terror! They tie them to a pentagram table (a table with a five-pointed star, a witchcraft symbol, on the top). Then they sacrifice them to satan! The satanist temple is located in a very elite section, she reported.