Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Burglars Mark Targets

The Independent [South Africa]
10 October 2007

Crooks show their colours with coded clues

Hanti Otto

[Pretoria police suspect that "house robbers use certain colours to mark targets to inform their accomplices that a house has been identified and what to expect when breaking into the house." A spokesman for the National Hijack Prevention Academy claims that some objects used to mark houses are "red rope, white stones, plastic bags tied to trees, grass knotted in a bundle, pieces of metal or plastic, flattened milk bottles or Creme Soda and Coke cans."]

The Star [South Africa]
22 July 2003

On the verge of crime

A scary development or urban legend? That's the question hanging over a claim that criminals may be using litter to "signpost" houses as targets for robbery. [...]

BBC News [UK]
17 March 2006

Chalk symbols are an urban myth

Symbols chalked on walls to tell thieves if a house is worth raiding or not seems to be an urban myth. [...]