Monday, October 22, 2007

Chinese Tattoos in the News

Dorset Echo [UK]
17 Oct 2007

Mum's not the word on tattoo

By Juliette Astrup

A Poole woman who thought she had "Mum" tattooed in Chinese symbols on her back has spoken of her shock at being told it actually read "Friend Come Hell." Mum-of-one Charlene Williams, of Canford Heath, had the tattoo done on her lower back four years ago. [...]

The Mirror [UK]
19 October 2007

Girl's 'evil' Chinese tattoo

A teenager who had "mum" tattooed on her back in Chinese letters was horrified to find it really said: "Friend from hell." [...]

[See the Dorset Echo for a photograph of her tattoo. Will future versions of this report describe it as saying "Fiend from hell"?]

The Sun [UK]
22 October 2007

Tatt's ink-redibly unfunny


PROUD Vince Mattingley showed off his Chinese writing tattoo spelling his name for 26 years – until someone pointed out if actually spelt COCA-COLA. [...]

Hanzi Smatter
25 October 2007

Tatt's ink-redibly unfunny

By Tian

[In his blog "dedicated to the misuse of Chinese characters in Western culture," Tian reprints the Sun article and states that the two characters mean "crooked official."]