Saturday, December 21, 2019

Tampon Tax (Thailand) – Why Starbucks Irks Conservatives – Stevie Wonder Drove a Snowmobile

Bangkok Post [Thailand]
18 December 2019

'Tampon tax' is fake news, insists govt

The government's campaign against "fake news" took a bizarre turn yesterday when Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha spoke out to try and scotch a rumour that a 40% tax would be imposed on tampons. The rumour spread after Puea Chat spokeswoman Ketpreeya Kaewsaenmuang announced that, unlike sanitary pads, tampons were regarded as a cosmetic product rather than a hygienic necessity. As such, they might be taxed as "luxury goods", she added. The tax ceiling for luxuries is 40%.


The Daily Beast
21 December 2019

Why Does Starbucks Melt Conservative Brains?
Right-wingers keep falling for hoaxes and believing the worst about the ubiquitous coffee purveyor.

[…] And all of this comes amid the annual right-wing panic over whether Starbucks’ holiday cups are sufficiently Christian, and whether its employees say “Merry Christmas.” Part of the problem is Starbucks’ role as a public meeting place in a country that invests little in so-called “third places”: areas of community engagement outside the home or workplace. […] It’s a situation ripe for Fox News-style grievance narratives about the embattled Republican, forced to endure liberal tyranny everywhere he turns. […]

Elton John, Me (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2019), 106-7.

We spent the first weeks of 1974 recording at the Caribou Ranch, a studio up in the Rocky Mountains that gave its name to our new album Caribou. […]

Stevie Wonder turned up one day and took out a snowmobile, insisting on driving it himself. To pre-empt your question: no, I have absolutely no idea how Stevie Wonder successfully piloted a snowmobile through the Rocky Mountains of Colorado without killing himself, or indeed anyone else, in the process, but he did.

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