Monday, July 28, 2008

Wal-Mart is Evil So I Took Off My Clothes

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22 July 2008

Wal Mart is Evil so I took off my clothes

[By] ReachHigher

[A Wal-Mart manager prevented a woman from parking her bicycle inside the store because the store sells bikes.]

[...] I asked her if they also sold shirts in the store. She said yes so I took off my jersey and said well then I'd better not bring this in either. She got kind of flustered and said that it was a different situation but couldn't explain why. So I said that if they also sold shorts in the store that I'd better not wear those in either and I took off my shorts. Same goes for the shoes and sunglasses. Now I'm standing there in my spandex and a sports bra and I ask here if I can leave my things behind the customer service counter where they will be safe until I finish making my purchases and she said that I couldn't come into the store without shoes on, to which i responded "but I certainly can't wear shoes into the store because you sell those here and someone might think I've stolen them." [...]