Sunday, July 6, 2008

Collecting Bottle Tops for Charity

Sunday Sun [UK]
6 July 2008

Top efforts were all in vain

by Ruari O Toole, Sunday Sun

PEOPLE all over the North have collected thousands of plastic bottle tops to help a charity to buy wheelchairs . . . but it turned out to be an urban myth.

Some conscientious collectors have ended up with garages full of lids and nowhere to send them. [...]

Sunday Sun [UK]
25 June 2008

Milk bottle tops - LOTS of milk bottle tops

Posted by Tony Hitchens

I've got some milk bottle tops can you do anything with them - said the email.

I know that last week I wrote that I would continue my examination of my waste and recycling but that was before I received an interesting email from someone who had been collecting lots of milk bottle tops. [...]

Kidderminster Shuttle [UK]
11 June 2008


Recycling our milk bottle tops

FOR some time now we have been collecting plastic milk bottle tops for various charities.

Mainly they sell the plastic for re-cycling and the cash then goes to provide wheelchairs. [...]