Monday, July 28, 2008

Cat Catapulted from Tree

Palm Beach Post [FL]
27 July 2008

Ex-cop's books so zany it's criminal

Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

[Retired homicide detective Bob Morrissey has written three books, Humorous Beat, 2nd Humorous Beat, and A Cop's Gotta Laugh.]

[...] Morrissey had his own run-in with a real life critter. While he was on routine patrol, a frantic woman rushed to his squad car and pleaded with him to rescue her cat in a tree.

He and his partner grabbed a clothesline and tossed it over the tree limb. Each grabbed an end and together, pulled the bough down. Just when the cat was nearly within reach, the clothesline snapped.

"The limb suddenly jerked up and that cat flew into the air and onto the roof," said Morrissey, whose story is aptly titled, Cat A Pult. [...]