Friday, July 25, 2008

Salmon Surprise

Anchorage Daily News [Alaska]
25 July 2008

Historic Seward rail car to get new life as a diner

SALMON SURPRISE? Rumor says president died after eating there.

The Seward Phoenix Log

[A railway dining car built in 1916 has been bought by two Anchorage businessmen, Jack Powers and his son Mark, who plan to convert it into a diner.]

[...] There are also rumors affiliated with the car that spice things up. As Mark Powers told it, supposedly President Harding ate in the dining car when he came up to Alaska in 1923.

"There's even a rumor that he ate tainted salmon on this dining car, got back to Washington and died," he said.

If that turns out to be true, the Powers men plan on naming a meal after him.

"Salmon surprise or something like that," Mark Powers said. [...]