Friday, July 18, 2008

July Riskiest Month for Patients

1 July 2008

New Docs on the Block

According to medical lore, July is the worst time to be hospitalized because that's when inexperienced med students start clinical training. But is summer really riskier for patients?

By Jesse Ellison

Boston Globe
18 July 2008

The July Phenomenon

By Joshua U. Klein

Conventional wisdom dictates that hospitals should be avoided every July, the first month of the medical academic year. Like Cinderella in reverse, alarm clocks around the country erupt before dawn on or around July 1st (typically the last week of June), and yesterday’s inexperienced, na├»ve pumpkin -- medical student -- is magically transformed into Jane/John Doe, MD, the intern who will diagnose your heart attack or stroke and save your life in the emergency room. [...]