Wednesday, September 19, 2007

An Old Joke

Sydney Morning Herald [Australia]
19 Sept 2007

Column 8

[...] The last word on this one goes to Neville Cohen, of Randwick: "I can well understand why restaurants don't serve boiled eggs. I tried to explain the process to my newly married son many years ago, but he replied that he had boiled an egg for nearly two hours, and it still didn't go soft."
P. M. Zall, ed., A Nest of Ninnies and Other English Jestbooks of the Seventeenth Century. Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1970, p. 137.

A Man was very angry with his Maid because his eggs were boiled too hard. "Truly," said she, "I have made them boil a long hour. But the next you have shall boil two hours, but they shall be tender enough." --John Taylor, Wit and Mirth (1629).