Friday, September 7, 2007

Government Releases Dragonflies to Eat Mosquitoes

The Daily Observer [Pembroke, ON]
7 September 2007

Cougar spotted on Meath Hill?


A Meath Hill couple is certain that the animal they saw in their field on Saturday morning was a puma, also known in Ontario as a cougar, mountain lion, or eastern panther. [...]

One of her neighbours suggested that the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) may have released pumas to control the deer population in the Lanark area.

However, Terry McLeish, a senior lands and waters technician with the MNR, was quick to debunk that theory.

"That's an urban myth we've been hearing for the last five years or so," he said. "It's the same as the one that says we release dragonflies to catch mosquitoes."

"We have a hard enough time keeping fish hatcheries going - how would we ever raise dragon flies? It's ludicrous," Mr. McLeish said[.] [...]