Thursday, September 13, 2007

Dihydrogen monoxide [New Zealand]
13 September 2007

National MP falls victim to water hoax


National MP Jacqui Dean has been caught out by a long-running hoax that seeks to trick gullible MPs into calling for a ban on "dihydrogen monoxide" -- or water.

Ms Dean, the MP for Otago, a leading proponent of a ban on party pills, appears to have been duped by a letter from a constituent asking her to raise the issue of dihydrogen monoxide (DHMO).

A letter, signed by Ms Dean and sent to Associate Health Minister Jim Anderton, the minister in charge of drug policy, last month, asked if the Expert Advisory Committee on Drugs had a view on banning the "drug". [...]

New Zealand Herald
14 September 2007

MP tries to ban water

By Megan Gnad

Otago MP Jacqui Dean felt like a bit of a "wally" yesterday, after it was revealed she tried to ban North Otago's most precious commodity -- water. [...]
Don't Worry - Jacqui will save you from DHMO.

[Michael Earley's blog describes the motives behind the prank.]