Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Corpse in the Cask (Nova Scotia, 1874)

Crystal Fulton & Glen C. Phillips, Four-Foot Cucumbers, Juvenile Delinquents & Frogs From the Sky! Snippets of Life in Victorian Canada. London, Ont.: Cheshire Cat Press, 1997, pp. 93-4.

A Startling Story for Pictou Rum Drinkers -- We are credibly informed that last summer a corpse preserved in liquor was sent home from the United States to a certain place in this County. The man to whose care the corpse was sent, being somewhat economical in his disposition, and opposed to anything like extravagance, drew the liquor off the corpse and retailed it by the glass to customers who doubtless considered it first rate liquor. Those who got the liquor can reflect over the story at their leisure. -- [New Glasgow] Eastern Chronicle.

Halifax [N.S.] Morning Chronicle, January 3, 1874